Work in the Cloud(s) The privacy in a private jet gives more options for how to use your time

Many of our passengers take the opportunity to switch off from the world for the duration of the flight as they can sleep and relax much more easily than in a commercial aircraft. There are travellers though who wish to stay connected so they need Wi-Fi on their Private Jet.

Staying connected

However, customer demand for Wi-Fi connectivity whilst travelling is rising at a fast rate.

At Admiral Jet, we find that for longer flights, most of our clients like to have the opportunity to use mobile devices to access apps and mobile content, staying up-to-date with the latest news, contacting family members or simply stay entertained.

Stay connected with Wi-Fi on board, keep up with your emails and stay in touch with business while you travel. On the majority of all new generation aircraft this is possible as manufacturers try to surpass the expectations of the private jet traveller.

Wi-Fi on Private Jet

Transatlantic aircraft such as the Global Express are more likely to have onboard Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi is always a great way to entertain children on long flights and the endless possibilities. Contact our Charter Sales team about your Wi-Fi requirements on your next flight.