Can I add additional passengers to my private jet booking?

When you book a private jet you will need to supply the details of all of the passenger who are flying.  If you book a jet which has more seats than your initial passenger list you may wonder whether you can add passengers to your flight after finalising the booking.

The answer is – it depends!

If you wish to add additional passengers to your flight, please get in touch with your account manager who will advise you. We will assess whether the aircraft you have booked is suitable to perform the routing with extra passengers onboard.

Every private jet has strict weight limitations, and industry regulations ensure the safety of all flight operations. We need to ensure your safe and efficient travel experience as well as your comfort, and overall satisfaction.

Booking Accuracy and Its Impact on Flight Operations

Adding last minute passengers is not implausible, but it needs to be discussed with your account manager in advance.

So long as your passengers are well within the safety parameters we will happily accommodate you without any issues.  In this case there would be no supplementary cost for the flight, the only small charges you might incur for additional passengers would be the obligatory travel taxes and the extra catering provided.

However, if the additional passengers mean the original booked aircraft is not viable we can still find a solution.  This may mean arranging a larger or different aircraft, or performing more than one flight.  These options would be at an additional cost.

To sum up, depending on the size of the aircraft, you may simply be able to adjust the number of passengers even at the last minute.

Notice period for adding extra passengers

From 2024, if you are changing your plans at the very last minute, aviation regulations mean that we will need at least 3 hours to process the additional details prior to your flight.

Your smooth journey is our priority.

By providing accurate information and keeping us updated on any changes, you help us deliver the exceptional travel experience you expect.

For any questions or to update your booking details, please contact your account manager. We are here to ensure your flight is as relaxed, safe, and enjoyable as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard and making your journey unforgettable. Contact the team to arrange your next departure.

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