These are the big boys of the sky. If you’re looking for an ultra-comfortable long haul flight with plenty of room for you and your guests and equipment, we’ve got the perfect charter jet for your journey.

This was one of the very first jets to offer long range flights and it’s just as reliable and powerful now as it was when it was first released. It can effortlessly fly for up to 14 hours non-stop and features some great space saving ideas to make it as roomy and comfortable as you could imagine.

Seats:Up to 15
Speed:590 Knots
Luggage Space:226 cubic ft
Cabin Height:6 ft 2 In
Cabin Width:7 ft 4 In
Cabin Length:43 ft 11 In
Flight Attendant:Yes

Global Express

The Global Express offers a wealth of features that make it ideal for long haul flights. Because it can effortlessly fly for 6,000 nautical miles without stopping to refuel, it’s a fast and powerful way to travel. The airy and spacious cabin area is equipped with an entertainment lounge, and it has the feeling of a much larger plane on the inside.

Seats:Up to 16
Speed:511 Knots
Luggage Space:185 cubic ft
Cabin Height:6 ft 3 In
Cabin Width:8 ft 2 In
Cabin Length:48 ft 4 In
Flight Attendant:Yes

Falcon 7X

The first ever business jet to use “fly-by-wire” technology, the Falcon 7X offers passengers superior comfort and reliability.
Seats:Up to 12
Speed:600 Knots
Luggage Space:140 cubic ft
Cabin Height:6 ft 2 In
Cabin Width:7 ft 8 In
Cabin Length:39 ft 1 In
Flight Attendant:Yes

Global 5000/6000

The Global delivers a flight range of up to 5,000 miles and is fast, efficient and incredibly comfortable. The on-board insulation system provides an excellent sound barrier, making it ideal for those who like to travel in peace.
Seats:Up to 15
Speed:504 Knots
Luggage Space:195 cubic ft
Cabin Height:6 ft 2 In
Cabin Width:7 ft 11 In
Cabin Length:40 ft 9 In
Flight Attendant:Yes

Gulfstream G450

With a range of nearly 5,000 miles, the Gulfstream G450 is specifically designed for traveling long distances in reliable comfort and safety.

In this impressive long range business jet, 14 passengers fly in a spacious cabin with a full-service galley and plenty of baggage capacity. This allows everyone to bring what they need for their trip.

Seats:Up to 14
Speed:476 Knots
Luggage Space:226 cubic ft
Cabin Height:6 ft 1 In
Cabin Width:7 ft 3 In
Cabin Length:45 ft 1 In
Flight Attendant:Yes

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