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About Us

Find out about us, who are we? In short, we are an aircraft service provider that offers on-demand charter services that are tailor-made for your needs.

“It’s not the destination. It’s the journey.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance

This mantra may be about life, but at Admiral Jet, we take things literally. Our uncompromising standards of unparalleled service, teamwork, thorough planning and with an unyielding commitment to safety best practises, is how we methodically assemble every aspect of your journey.

The team of dedicated Aviation Professionals at Admiral Jet have over 50 years’ experience, developing services and procedures that are specifically designed with your needs and requirements in mind.

So, what is the most important thing about us? Our philosophy. The distinctive attention to our services is what sets us apart. Read on to find out more about us.

24/7 Personal Touch

We believe in our approach, providing you with the best value service, which is why we don’t use automated messages or call centres. At Admiral Jet, we operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Team members are always fully equipped to handle any of your queries at a time that suits you.

To further improve our ever-evolving service, we will appoint you with your own Personal Account Manager, streamlining our service so that you only need to contact one person for your requirements.

During the booking process we will:
• Start by present you with a minimum of two aircraft options within an hour of your initial enquiry.
• Confirm any passenger requirements including dietary, health or medical needs.
• Organise bespoke ground and meal services at your convenience.
• Lastly offer any other optional extra we feel you will benefit from for your journey.

All our aircraft and crew members have been tested to our impeccably high standards therefor give you the experience you deserve.

Worldwide Service

A network of over 20,000 aircraft worldwide allows us to take you anywhere around the world, which is why we take pride in operating 24 hours a day. We collaborate with our suppliers to ensure that every step of your journey has been catered for.

Want to make a big entrance at a local event? Admiral Jet can provide you with a helicopter that will be sure to get you noticed.

Need to move your team and crew around the world? Your personal account manager can offer you a large aircraft that can transport them (and your equipment) safely, efficiently and with style.

Your Safety

Our primary concern is the safety and wellbeing of all our clients. To guarantee this, we have installed a vigorous vetting process for all our suppliers. This process includes ensuring our suppliers have full Aircraft Operating Certificates, expert crew members and Public liability insurance. These checks are conducted on new operators as well as our more established suppliers.

Bearing this in mind, you can rest easy that you will be rewarded with the highest calibre of service in the industry.

The Environment

It is no secret that the aviation industry has the most significant growth in carbon emissions by sector in the world.  Even with an increase of 128% carbon emissions, the total number of people who fly in the 2020s is over 4.4 billion per year.

To help reduce our carbon emissions and paving the way for the industry to achieve cutting carbon emissions in half. Admiral Jet has a Carbon Offsetting Programme, in addition to a programme to help restore native woodland, growing a tangible forest just outside London. Clients have the opportunity to take advantege of both of these programmes should they wish.  In conclusion, we take our environmental impact seriously, and strive for innovative solutions for the aviation industry to succeed.

Interested in finding out more about our Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility? Visit here.

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    24/7 Personal Touch

    We believe that the personal approach goes a long way, which is why we don’t use automated messages or call centres. Choosing Admiral Jet means you’ll always have access to your own qualified personal account manager who will be happy to answer your queries any time, any place.

    Worldwide Service

    Admiral Jet can accommodate any trip, anywhere in the world, with a network of over 20,000 Aircraft globally. Only tried and tested crew and aircraft are used.

    It may sound like a cliché, but there really is no flight too big or too small. Whether you need a small helicopter to arrive at an event in style or a large aircraft for your crew movements, we’re here to meet your every need.

    Flight Safety

    Flight safety is Admiral Jet’s primary concern and the security, comfort and peace of mind of our clients remains at the heart of everything we do.

    To ensure the best possible experience for all our clients, we insist that all suppliers have full Aircraft Operators Certificates, type rated crew and carry full public liability insurance. We also undertake rigorous checks and investigations on all private aircraft operators wishing to join our esteemed global network.

    To discover why so many discerning passengers choose Admiral Jet…