Your Safety Guaranteed

Admiral Jet makes safety its priority with an industry-leading approach to Private Jet and Helicopter charter safety.

Preferred Suppliers

All aircraft offered by Admiral Jet need to meet our high standards of safety and service. To achieve this, we operate a Preferred Suppliers list. The list is made up of aircraft operators and owners that have been through our rigorous vetting process. To be a preferred supplier, all operators and owners must provide up to date documentation such as:

  • Aircraft operator certificate,
  • Public liability insurance

It is also essential that our Preferred list meet our minimum service standards.

Admiral Jet – Safety Promise

All aircraft owners & suppliers that perform Admiral Jet flights are subject to the highest standards of safety, service and industry knowledge. Our experienced management team sets these high industry standards.

The Air Charter Association

As members of The Air Charter Association, we are bound by their Code of Practice, thereby maintaining the highest professional standards in all of our business activities, both in the office and in the air.  All of the aircraft we use are properly certified, maintained and accredited by the leading safety bodies in the aviation industry.

In addition, our senior charter brokers were the first to be qualified to the highest level (level 3) in the Air Charter Association Broker Qualification.  The importance of training our staff to the highest standards, reflects our ethos of delivering only the highest standards to our clients.

ARGUS and Wyvern Certified Aircraft

ARGUS and Wyvern are the leading safety and best practice auditors for our suppliers in the Aviation industry.

Admiral Jet has access to ARGUS Certified aircraft operators and owners. The rigorous audit they go through demonstrates financial solvency, advanced procedures, as well as exceptional principles and working practices.

Our Wyvern approved suppliers makes sure that each flight booked through Admiral Jet meets the requirements that Wyvern have enforced—known as “The Wingman Standard”. The industry pioneering safety protocols that exceed by far the minimum regulatory requirements for Private Jet Charter.

Aircraft operators are also audited for safety by ARGUS and Wyvern on a periodical basis. These accreditations which come with such high standards are optional for private jet operators. Still, once you hold the certification, you are allowed to promote your rating. The rating can vary depending on several factors such as:

  • Safety history
  • Scheduled maintenance procedures
  • Training programs for crew and operational teams.

ARGUS certify charter operators using a method called Charter Evaluation and Qualification (CHEQ). This certification is based on 4 rating levels

  • Level 1) Does Not Qualify
  • Level 2) Gold
  • Level 3) Gold Plus
  • Level 4) Platinum

Wyvern’s Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) Programme label aircraft operators as Entry-level of ‘Registered’ or the advanced certification of ‘Wingman’.

If you choose to charter with a Wyvern approved operators or owners, Admiral Jet will make any certifications or reports available to you on request. You can have confidence that the aircraft you chose will meet the highest level of safety standards.

Air Operator Certificate (OAC)

For a Private Jet or Helicopter to perform flights, aircraft operators and suppliers have to have an AOC by law. The requirement is to ensure that the aircraft meets its relevant registered country’s standards. These standards further enhance the commitment that aircraft and operational procedures are competent, experienced, and to ensure that they can perform private jets flights on a commercial basis to the country’s minimum standards.

For the Aircraft Operator Certificate (AOC) to be granted a series of checks including:

  • Regular maintenance
  • Crew training
  • operational procedures such as safety Policy, flight & fuel planning.

In North America and Canada, the AOC is sometimes called an Air Carrier Operating Certificate.

The process for receiving an AOC is thorough and detailed. It takes a Private Jet operator or owner around 24 months to obtain on average. Many aircraft owners fail to get an AOC granted as they do not meet the required standards.

Admiral Jet will only offer aircraft owners and suppliers who have a current Aircraft Operator Certificate or Air Carrier Certificate.

Part 135 aircraft

In the USA, The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) will grant a Part 135 certification to private jet operators and owners that are permitted to fly for commercial gain. Part 135 includes any charter flights and air taxi services.

Admiral Jet will only provide Part 135 registered aircraft to guarantee that our passengers are flying on the most reliable, safest and secure aircraft private jet service available.

Public Liability Insurance

All aircraft offered by Admiral jet is covered with full Public Liability Insurance. The amount can vary, but we are happy to provide an insurance certificate for your chosen aircraft upon request. If you require to be named on the insurance, this is also possible upon request.


Admiral Jet has introduced a minimum standard to give you maximum peace of mind when it comes to Covid-19. All aircraft are sanitised regularly, all crew are symptom-free, and we follow the strict guideline set out by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). More information on our Covid-19 protocols can be found here.

Worldwide Aviation Safety Agencies and Authorities

Australia Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Brazil Departamento de Aviacao Civil
Canada Transport Canada Civil Aviation Authority
France La Direction de l’Aviation Civile
Germany Civil Aviation Authority (LBA)
Italy Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile
Malaysia Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia
Netherlands Directorate-General of Civil Aviation
New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Poland Civil Aviation Office
Portugal Instituto Nacional de Aviação Civil, I.P.
Romania Romanian Civil Aeronautic Authority
Russia State Civil Aviation Administration
Singapore Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
South Africa Civil Aviation Authority
Spain Agencia Estatal De Seguridad Aerea
Sweden Sweden Civil Aviation Administration
Switzerland Federal Office for Civil Aviation
Taiwan Civil Aeronautics Administration
UK Civil Aviation Authority
USA Federal Aviation Administration