Nothing makes an entrance quite as well as a helicopter and if you’re looking for a thrilling, fast and comfortable way to fly it doesn’t get much better than these.

Twin Engine Helicopters

Sikorsky S92

The S92’s ability to fly non-stop for over 530 miles, along with its speeds of up to 180mph make it perfect for long flights for multiple passengers. A luxurious version of the famous Blackhawk and Seahawk, it provides ample seating for up to 19 people and is known for its reliability and performance.

Seats:Up to 10
Speed:155 Knots
Luggage Space:140 cubic ft
Cabin Height:6 ft 0 In
Cabin Width:6 ft 4 In
Cabin Length:19 ft 2 In
Flight Attendant:On request

Sikorsky S76

Featuring an eight seat luxury leather cabin, minimal vibration and state of the art air conditioning, the Sikorsky S76 is a top choice among A Listers for its good looks and opulent seating area. It’s a powerful machine which can cope with the kind of weather conditions that frighten the average helicopter away, and with top speeds of 287km, the S76 promises a trip that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Seats:Up to 8
Speed:155 Knots
Luggage Space:38 cubic ft
Cabin Height:4 ft 5 In
Cabin Width:6 ft 25 In
Cabin Length:8 ft 75 In

Eurocopter 155

Since it first graced the skies in 1998, the EC155 has been regarded as a classic among charter helicopters. Its five blade motor make for an easy and smooth flight and the state of the art noise cancelling system means it’s one of the most pleasurable twin engines to fly in. If it’s luxury and prestige you’re looking or, the EC155 may become a firm favourite.

Seats:Up to 6
Speed:151 Knots
Luggage Space:88 cubic ft
Cabin Height:4 ft 3 In
Cabin Width:6 ft 7 In
Cabin Length:18 ft 3 In

Agusta 109

The Agusta 109 is a lightweight twin engine helicopter which is renowned for its speed, simplicity and sleek Italian design. In production since the 1970s, its name has become synonymous with luxury and comfort. Easily seating up to 6 passengers, it’s both comfortable and sumptuous inside, and its reliability makes it just as popular with military and police teams as it is with VIP guests.

Seats:Up to 6
Speed:154 Knots
Luggage Space:34 cubic ft
Cabin Height:4 ft 2 In
Cabin Width:5 ft 3 In
Cabin Length:6 ft 8 In

AS355 Twin Squirrel

Few helicopters make quite as impressive an entrance as the AS355), so if you’re looking to arrive at your destination in style this twin engine is perfect for you. It’s regarded by many as the ultimate charter helicopter for its safe, efficient travel and in-flight opulence. Comfortably flying for up to three hours, it’s a powerful machine which is far more practical than its good looks would suggest, and its large windows make it perfect for sight-seeing.

Seats:Up to 5
Speed:140 Knots
Luggage Space:48 cubic ft
Cabin Height:4 ft 3 In
Cabin Width:5 ft 5 In
Cabin Length:06 ft 7 In


What is Twin Engine Helicopter?

It is a helicopter with more than one engine and nothing makes an entrance quite as well as a helicopter and if you’re looking for a thrilling, fast and comfortable way to fly it doesn’t get much better than these.

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