Offset Your Flight & Help us to Restore Wasteland to Native Woodland

Have a tree planted in your name and we will grow a tangible forest which has a positive impact on the environment.

Have a Tree Planted in Your Name

In partnership with Time4Trees we offer you the opportunity to offset every flight you book with Admiral Jet with carbon offsets and/or plant a tree in our forest located in a regenerated landscape near the industrial area by the Dartford Crossing.  Each tree costs just £6 and you can buy one or many.  Each tree you buy will be identifiable as yours and planted in a new forest.

Our Green Activities

We are taking many different steps to offset our flights. In partnership with Time4Trees our mission is to plant a greener future, by planting a tangible forest which has a positive impact on the environment.

Creating Forests

Time4Trees create new forests and environmental biodiversity in areas where this would otherwise not exist. By planting UK-based trees in areas of England where the carbon emissions are significantly high, we are planting in the most crucial locations.

Our sites are planted with a range of broadleaf trees, from saplings, and each site differs slightly.

We are Supporting Time4Trees’ Kent Site at Dartford

The Kent site, situated in Greater London, can be viewed from the Queen Elizabeth Bridge in Dartford and is an excellent example of a piece of reformed and regenerated land. The Dartford Crossing is one of the UK’s busiest roads, linking some of the country’s key manufacturing centres, distribution hubs and ports. Its position on the major transport axes of the M25 London Orbital Motorway and A2 trunk route to the channel ports, together with the Bluewater shopping centre and significant housing development in recent years are the prime contributors to frequent gridlocks on all four sides of the town. The levels of pollution in the area make this an ultra-high emission zone and therefore we deem it an incredibly important location for tree planting and green efforts.

To find out more about our environmental efforts, click here.

Restoring Wasteland to Native Woodland

With our partnership we aim to give everyone the chance to make a difference, whether it be large or small, by using native trees to help solve a global, ongoing problem. We are helping to create new forests and environmental biodiversity in areas where this would otherwise not exist.

We are restoring pieces of unused land to beautiful, natural woodland.

Time4Trees provides a 10-year maintenance programme, and necessary replacement service as standard with every one of our trees to ensure they reach their full maturity. The land where trees are planted will be kept permanently as forestry for 100+ years.

Time4Trees has a mission to help local businesses and communities to plant trees and give back to the environment that they constantly take from.

You will be able to visit your trees using the GPS location tool. We believe that the ability to visit or track your tree or forest adds a new dimension to carbon offsetting schemes. There will also be drone footage of the forest as it grows.


All trees planted by Time4Trees are accredited by the Woodland Carbon Code and are affiliated with the Groundwork Trust.

Compliance with the Woodland Carbon Code means that you can be assured that:

  • That the right trees have been planted, in the right place
  • The woodlands are responsibly and sustainably managed to the UK Forestry Standard and are protected in the long-term
  • The carbon capture estimates are project specific, based on sound science, and risk-adjusted
  • The woodland has been independently audited and verified
  • The Code is aligned with the core requirements of other international voluntary forest carbon standards and of the Kyoto Protocol.


We will provide a Time 4 Trees certificate that will refer to every tree that is planted, and this will be personalised with the individual GPS coordinates, site location and optional name of the tree.