Super Midsize Jet

The appeal of a super midsize jet lies in its ability to combine the speed and efficiency typically associated with larger business jets, while offering a level of luxury that befits royalty. With the capacity to effortlessly cover coast-to-coast distances and handle extended journeys, a super midsize jet provides ample space to ensure the utmost comfort for your entire travel party.

Challenger 300

Originally designed to fly coast to coast across the United States, the Challenger 300 is a consistently high performing mid-size jet that offers plenty of space and exceptional comfort. Passenger seats all come with fold out tables, making business trips easy and stress free.

Seats:Up to 9
Speed:470 Knots
Luggage Space:106 cubic ft
Cabin Height:6 ft 1 In
Cabin Width:7 ft 2 In
Cabin Length:28 ft 7 In
Flight Attendant:Yes

Embraer Legacy 500

The Legacy 500 is spacious, stylish and ideal for flights of up to five hours. What sets this jet apart is the smooth flight experience thanks to fly-by-wire controls. It also has the best baggage hold in its class, so it’s ideal for groups traveling with a lot of luggage.

Seats:Up to 9
Speed:466 Knots
Range:2948 nm
Luggage Space:155 cubic ft
Cabin Height:6 ft
Cabin Width:6 ft 10 In
Cabin Length:27 ft 6 In
Flight Attendant:Yes

Citation X

The fastest business jet in the world, the Citation X really was designed for the jet-set. Comfortably cruising at .90mach (that’s just under the speed of sound), it’s an award winning plane, which is widely recognised in its field as being one of aviation’s real game changers.

Seats:Up to 9
Speed:525 Knots
Luggage Space:82 cubic ft
Cabin Height:5 ft 7 In
Cabin Width:5 ft 5 In
Cabin Length:23 ft 9 In
Flight Attendant:Yes

Falcon 50EX

The Dassault Falcon 50EX is a French super-midsize business jet, featuring a tri-jet layout with an S-duct air intake for the central engine. The Falcon 50EX usually comes with a seating configuration for nine passengers, with a four-seat club arrangement, two facing seats with foldout tables and a three-person couch.

Seats:Up to 9
Speed:480 Knots
Luggage Space:569 cubic ft
Cabin Height:5 ft 9 In
Cabin Width:6 ft 1 In
Cabin Length:22 ft 11 In
Flight Attendant:Yes

Gulfstream 200

With its exceptional comfort, impressive range and in-flight entertainment systems, few midsize jets can rival the Gulfstream 200 when it comes to performance and enjoyment. There’s a huge amount of baggage space available, as well as plenty of on-board perks like phones and business space. It’s perfect for either business or leisure.

Seats:Up to 9
Speed:470 Knots
Luggage Space:125 cubic ft
Cabin Height:6 ft 3 In
Cabin Width:7 ft 2 In
Cabin Length:24 ft 4 In
Flight Attendant:Yes

Citation Sovereign

Cessna’s most popular midsize jet, the Citation Sovereign is perfectly equipped for business travellers. The baggage space it offers is the best in its category and, with speeds of up to mach 0.8, you’ll reach your destination in no time.

Seats:Up to 9
Speed:459 Knots
Luggage Space:100 cubic ft
Cabin Height:5 ft 8 In
Cabin Width:5 ft 6 In
Cabin Length:25 ft 3 In
Flight Attendant:Yes

Hawker 900XP


A versatile and stylish aircraft, the Hawker 900 can comfortably seat up to 9 passengers and its ample layout makes it perfect for business trips and in-flight meetings. Its flight range is very impressive for a midsize jet, meaning it can manage longer journeys with ease and can be relied upon to get you where you need to be, completely stress- free and in comfort.

Seats:Up to 9
Speed:452 Knots
Luggage Space:49 cubic ft
Cabin Height:5 ft 9 In
Cabin Width:6 ft 0 In
Cabin Length:21 ft 4 In
Flight Attendant:On request


What is a Super Midsize Jet?

The beauty of a super midsize jet is that it gives you all the speed and efficiency you would expect from a larger business jet, but with the kind of luxury that’s fit for royalty. With coast to coast flight and long journeys a breeze, a super midsize provides plenty of room for your entire party to travel in absolute comfort.

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