So, you’d be surprised to know that within the world of private jets, there’s a lot that people don’t get.

There are so many different things for people to try and learn that it becomes interesting to try and make sure that people have a good idea of some of the various available options.

However, there are a few different questions that we get asked more frequently than others, and it does make all the difference when you know the answers. We’re going to be taking a look at some of them here, to help you understand the important stuff!

Is it Quicker to Fly Private?

So, you might be asking yourself if it is easier to try and fly private. Is it quicker to get your destination? Well, this depends on a couple of different factors which can all influence your trip.

There’s a lot that you have to try and consider when it comes to making the most out of private jet hire because it’s not just as clear cut as ‘it’s quicker’. We’re a service which makes up time on the ground, as it is generally much quicker and easier for people to get on board when it comes to private hire. However, there are some jets which are slower than the popular airline, and some which are faster. It’s all down to what’s available. This variation means that you’ve got to make sure that you’re looking for the right flight to be quicker.

Is it Safe?

Absolutely! We’re committed to customer safety, and we make sure to hold ourselves to the same standard as commercial airlines, and in some cases, we’re even safer. We make sure that in between flights, our planes and jets are looked over by a fully trained team of professionals, and that any issue is jumped on and fixed as soon as we spot it.

While you’re in the air, we make sure to take the same standards to keep you safe. We’ll never do anything to put you in danger, and will take every precaution to keep you from harm. All our team is well-trained and looks after you from start to finish.

So, What Can I Expect?

There’s a lot to expect from a private flight, but everyone gets a different experience. As we cater to the individual, there’s something for everyone to experience. However, there are a few things that we can promise to all customers.

Bespoke experiences are what we do best. Attentive crew members, a layout to suit you, your choice meals, drinks and snacks, entertainment, the right environment for an important meeting – we offer it all.

Overall, these are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to flying privately, and we know that it’s important to get the answers you need. Private flying is not for everyone, but if you are someone who can get the most from the experience, it’s important to know these details for yourself before you attempt to fly.