Frequently Asked Questions about Private Jet Charter with Admiral Jet

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page

If you’re considering chartering a Private Jet, Helicopter, or exploring our other services, you’ve come to the right place. We understand that arranging private travel can involve a multitude of questions, and we are here to provide you with clear and comprehensive answers to your FAQs.

From the types of charter services we offer to the details of your journey once on board, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a first-time traveler or a seasoned jetsetter, this FAQ page aims to address any queries you may have. Ensuring that your experience with Admiral Jet is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Please explore the questions and answers below to find the information you need, and if you have any further queries, feel free to reach out to our team. Your journey with Admiral Jet begins here.

Making a booking

What types of charter do you offer?
We offer Corperate charter flights, Crew Movements, VIP Jet charter, Helicopter charter and Cargo charter.

How can I charter a Private Jet?
Get in contact with the team via email, website or Call us on +44 (0) 207 183 9655. You will be allocated a Personal Account Manager who will contact our network of aircraft owners and will supply you with options.

How long will it take for you to provide a quote?
Our team will get your complete quotations to you within the hour. As soon as your quote request arrives, our team will get to work straight away. We’ll provide you with at least two aircraft options for your consideration. There are no estimations or automated pricing with hidden fees.

How do you calculate the cost of a Private Jet Flight?
Once we have all the information we need, we will compile a quotation for you based on a choice of the best aircraft available for your needs. This will include all costs payable. Airport taxes, fuel, positioning, crew, catering, and any other costs are all included in the price we give you. The price we show is the final price you will pay, there are no hidden extras.

Who can fly?
As long as our passenger is fit to fly that is our only requirement. When flying younger passengers unaccompanied speak to your personal account manager and we can advise further.

Can you organise ground transport for me?
Yes, let the team know at the time of booking and this can be arranged with one of our trusted VIP transportation partners.

Booking queries

Can I talk to you if I have a query about my private jet booking?
Yes. If you have a query or a problem with your private jet schedule or booking, then we want to know about it. We are committed to making sure that you get the best experience. Chat with your Personal Account Manager who will be more than happy to talk through your requirements. We encourage you to ask us if you have any questions or queries.

Will I only deal with one person?
You will be allocated a Personal Account Manager who will oversee your private flight. The team are available 24/7 for any questions that may need answering.

How much notice should I give?
We have the ability to arrange aircraft at very short notice and the team are available 24/7, so let us know as soon as you know your travel schedule.

I’ve missed my scheduled airline flight. How quickly can I get a private jet?
If you have missed an important flight, please contact us ASAP.  A Private jet can be organised very quickly, depending on the location of available aircraft. This can be as quick as 30 minutes from your flight request or may take longer, subject to availability and your location. Please submit your request or  Call us on + 44 (0) 207 183 9655

Where can I fly to?
Anywhere in the world! At Admiral Jet we will do our best to accommodate all requests. Unlike a scheduled airline we can get you into most airports including regional airports.

What happens after I book my flight?
Once you have booked your flight with Admiral Jet, we will confirm the flight with the operator. You then need to sign and return the contract that we send you. Inform us of any catering requests, and send us the passport details for each of the passengers.


How can I pay for my private flight?
We can accept bank transfers and payment by credit or debit card.

Which currency can I pay in?
Admiral Jet accepts GBP pounds sterling, Euros and US Dollars. Please let your Personal Account Manager know which currency you would prefer to use, and they will ensure this is used on the invoice.

Are my details secure?
Yes. All our policies and procedures at Admiral Jet ensure your personal details are always kept securely.

Your Choice of Private Jet

You may prefer a spacious cabin with a bed and bathroom, a jet with a meeting room, sociable seating arranged around sofas, or the most cost-effective option.  We can help you choose the right private jet for your specific requirements.

Is there room to have a business meeting on my private jet flight?
Yes, you can have a meeting on your private jet. The interior of the private jet can be set up to cater to any specific needs. If you want a business conference ready to go, we will set up refreshments, your table, seating and anything else you require for your meeting onboard. Let the team know if you require Wi-Fi and we’ll make sure the aircraft is suitable for your meeting.

I’d like to buy / book a seat on a private aircraft? Is that possible?
Admiral Jet only offers private jet charter, which means the hire of the whole aircraft for yourself or your party.  This is so that we can offer the most bespoke and exclusive service every time. When you charter a private jet with Admiral Jet the price for an aircraft does not change, whether you fly alone or with every seat occupied, apart from the amount of airport passenger tax applied to the flight. Each country has different regulations for the passenger tax applied.

What’s the difference between private jet charter and fractional ownership?
Private jet charter involves paying to use an aircraft when the owner is not using it. This is normally a one-off charter agreement with no long-term financial commitment.  The owner may be an individual or a business. Fractional ownership involves sharing the full cost of purchasing and operating an aircraft. Chartering a private aircraft is by far the most cost-effective and convenient way to travel by private jet. However, with Fractional Ownership you will be responsible for paying all the costs listed.

Your preferences

Which kinds of aircraft could I charter?
We have access to charter the following aircraft for you; Turbo Props , Very Light Jets, Light Jets, Midsize Jets, Super Midzise Jets, Heavy Jets, Long Range Jets, VIP Airliners and Commuter Aircraft

Can I see photos of the actual private jets included in the quote for my flight?
Each private jet flight quote we provide includes images of the actual aircraft we are offering, the images are not generic. This enables you to see the exact seating arrangements, gives you a sense of space inside the private jet, and allows you to visualise your trip.

I only want to fly on a brand new aircraft, is that possible?
If you would like to travel on the very latest private jet aircraft, then simply let us know the maximum age of the aircraft that you would like to book.  We will be able to provide a quote to fulfil your specific criteria.

At the Airport

Can we use any airport?
Private jets tend to land at regional airports, avoiding slot delays at major airports. For example, rather than landing at Heathrow or Gatwick, we might use Biggin Hill or Farnborough airport to keep your journey running smoothly. There is great flexibility in where we can land so we can work with you on this to get you from A to B smoothly.

Where do I need to go once at the airport?
Most larger airports will have a dedicated private terminal with VIP lounges for you to enjoy. Your Personal Account Manager will confirm the exact location in your flight itinerary pack.

What is an FBO?
A Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) provides ground support services to private jet operators and their passengers. These services include everything from fuelling, aircraft handling, hangar storage, maintenance, and concierge services. In short, an FBO is like a one-stop-shop for everything a private jet operator needs on the ground. FBOs are typically found at private airports and offer a luxurious experience for passengers and crew.

Do I get a use of a VIP terminal?
Yes, private air travel means private terminals for you and your group. Private jet terminals offer a high level of privacy and security for passengers. Avoid the crowds in the discretion of a private terminal.

Check in and security

How does check-in work?
Most airports have dedicated private jet check-in facilities. These are normally provided by specialist handling agents (often called FBOs). Admiral Jet will send you detailed directions to the airport facilities.

How long before my flight do I need to check in?
You can arrive as early as 15 minutes before departure.

Will I have go through security?
Yes, in most cases you would go through security in the private terminal.

Do I still have customs/ immigration when travelling by private jet charter?
Customs and immigration procedures must be complied with for all private jet flights. Private jet customers are often not aware of any checks as in most cases these can be completed prior to the flight. At larger airports the private jet terminal will have dedicated customs and immigration staff.

What documents will I need?
The same as you would need for a commercial flight, valid passport and in some cases a visa. Your Personal Account Manager will let you know if you need a visa for the country you are visiting.

Making changes to your private flight

What happens if I want to change the time of my departure?
Private aviation is all about flexibility, so if you need to change your departure time it is generally not an issue. However, please do give Admiral Jet as much notice as possible so that we can arrange new Air Traffic Control and airport slots to match your schedule.

Can I add a last-minute passenger onto my flight?
For most private jet journeys, it is normally easy to add extra passengers onto the flight at the last minute. However, to save any embarrassment with or delays for your guests, it is advisable to check with Admiral Jet first. Some destinations (such as Russia) require pre-clearance of customers. Also, for shorter runways, there may be a limitation on the maximum number of passengers due to the aircraft landing and take-off weight limits.

Can I cancel my flight?
On the rare occasion that your trip needs to be cancelled completely, let your personal account manager know at the earliest opportunity. The terms and conditions of cancellation will be in your contract.

Helicopter travel

Can I also book Helicopters with Admiral Jet?
Yes, contact the team to book Helicopter travel.

Can Helicopters land anywhere?
Helicopters are much more flexible in terms of landing locations. We often fly clients directly to sporting events and festivals. We have even landed on a client’s own property.

Can Helicopters fly in the dark?
There are certain Helicopters suitable for flying at night. This is something your personal account manager will ensure at your time of booking.

How does the weather effect Helicopters?
Weather events such as low cloud can have more of an impact on Helicopters than Jets. The aircraft operator will be in touch with your personal account manager if the weather forecast changes or will have any impact on the trip that day.

Do you offer Helicopter sightseeing tours?
Tours are not something we offer. Specific Helicopter sightseeing tour companies will be able to assist with your tour requirements.

About Admiral Jet

What does a charter broker do?
A Charter Broker takes your trip request details and searches for aircraft that are available and appropriate for the trip you’d like to take. Using our contacts with aircraft operators around the globe, we make all the arrangements for you. You only have one efficient point of contact throughout the whole experience.

What makes a Charter Broker Reputable?
Our team of brokers all hold the Broker’s Qualification from the Air Charter Association. This ensures ultra-high standards from our brokers. Our team has decades of experience and great relationships within the industry.

Do you have any vacancies / How can I join the team?
Any vacancies to join the team can be found on our careers page of the website.

How can I become a partner or supplier to Admiral Jet?
We love working with other fantastic brands and are always looking for excellent partners. Reach out to the team and we can discuss further.

What is your client promise?
Our promise to our clients is that we make every flight feel as special as it did the first time you flew with us; even if it is the 10th or 100th time you have booked with us.


Can I offset carbon emissions?
Every quarter Admiral jet will purchase carbon credits to offset our flights. This fundsprogrammes focused on creating carbon savings elsewhere. The number of carbon credits required is based on aircraft, distance travelled and fuel burn rates. Our new Carbon offsetting program will see Admiral Jet changing the way it interacts with our environment. We are hoping to set an example for corporate responsibility within the world of private charter and to lead the way to a healthier future.

Once on Board

How many pilots will there be on my aircraft?
Admiral Jet always recommends that you have 2 pilots on every flight – indeed this is often a legal requirement depending on the type of aircraft. There are some examples of when only having one pilot is acceptable, such as daylight helicopter flights.

How many pieces of luggage can I bring?
The size of aircraft dictates the amount of luggage that can be carried on board. If you are travelling with items outside of usual suitcases such as skis or golf clubs or any other items – let your personal account manager know and we will ensure that your aircraft is suitable to carry all your items needed for your trip.

Will there be Wi-Fi?
Some aircraft will have WI-Fi capability. Let your Personal Account Manager know if this is something you require for your trip.

What happens if I’m late for Departure?
The aircraft waits for you! Get in contact in with your Personal Account Manager who will contact the aircraft owner and as long as it doesn’t affect the schedule, being a little late won’t be a problem.

What is De Icing?
De-icing is the process of removing, ice, frost, or snow from the exterior of the aircraft. It is a legal requirement to remove all ice and snow before departure from any aircraft. This is the only cost that is not included in the price of your charter and will be invoiced to you after the flight.

Are Private Jets Safe?
Yes. Private jet owners and operators prioritise safety and invest heavily in the maintenance and upkeep of their aircraft. This ensures that they are in optimal condition at all times. Private jets operate under strict regulations set by aviation authorities. These are the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Europe and the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK. These regulations stipulate mandatory inspections, maintenance checks, and repairs for private jets to ensure that they meet safety standards before they can be cleared for take-off.

Is the air clean on a private jet?
The air on board private jets is filtered through High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. These block over 99% of airborne particles over 0.3 micron in size. Systems will vary slightly by aircraft. Some aircraft draw in 100% fresh air while some systems mix fresh air with recirculated. Whichever system your aircraft has you will always have a clean private jet.

What if I leave something behind?
Leaving items behind when travelling happens, if you realise you have left some belongings, let the team know as soon as possible and we’ll do our upmost to try and help locate your items.

Passenger experience

What to expect during your flight
Sit back and relax and absolute comfort and luxury during your private flight. The number of flight attendants on board is dictated by the size of the aircraft. The crew will more than happy to assist you with any refreshments or dining on board. Take in the sights when travelling by air and arrive at your destination recharged.

What catering will be available on the aircraft?
There is a variety of options available and can accommodate any dietary requirements. Fancy a meal from your favourite restaurant or a particular champagne you enjoy? Let your Personal Account Manager know and they will do their best to ensure this is available on board for you.

Is there a toilet on board a private jet?
One of our most popular FAQs Depending on the size of your aircraft and duration of the trip will dictate weather there is a toilet available. For example, very light jets with short flight durations may not have toilet facilities. Longer range jets will do. If toilet facilities are required on your flight, do let the team know and we will ensure the aircraft offered have toilet facilities.

Can you sleep on a private jet?
Some of our ultra-long-range jets are capable 12-hour flights or more, and so there’s a considerable emphasis on comfort and style. Some of these aircraft convert into a private a master bedroom, with a double bed and all the extra comfort items that you would expect in a 5-star hotel making sure you get the best possible rest. It’s an essential part of any long journey and we would try and encourage you to make the most of it.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes! In most cases this is possible, and it is one of the benefits of choosing to charter a private jet. Your Personal Account Manager will confirm what documents you will need. Generally speaking , they will need a pet passport, their rabies vaccination history and a microchip.

Can I smoke or vape on board?
You can bring your electric cigarette on board the flight if you want, but please don’t use it.  Safety is our number one priority.


I have mobility issues; can I still fly on a private jet?
If you have mobility issues, we will make all the proper arrangements so that you can board and alight from the aircraft with dignity.  Please brief us on your mobility issue and let us know of anything extra we can do or provide to make your flight comfortable. We understand that mobility issues can make travel challenging and we want to do everything we can to eliminate your worries about this aspect of your flight.

Can I take a wheelchair on a private jet?
Yes and in most cases this can be stored in the cabin. Just let your Personal Account Manager know at the time of booking. They will ensure that they choose an aircraft suitable to hold a wheelchair.

Can I travel with my medical equipment?
Yes. Just let the team know the items you need to travel with. Learn more about Medevac Charter.

Jet Cards

What is a jet card?
Some private jet companies offer a jet card, which is essentially a prepaid block of flying hours.  This is packaged into an offer with guaranteed availability and potentially the possibility of minimum time between booking and take off.
We do not offer a jet card.
With Admiral Jet you have the same assurance as you would with a Jet Card. We will always arrange your flight perfectly, on the right aircraft for your trip and number of passengers. If necessary, you can be in the air within 2 hours of booking.  You will have one point of contact who is available 24 hours a day.

Why is ad hoc better than a jet card?
With ad hoc charter, no matter how short notice the booking we will position the right aircraft into the airport at exactly the time you want to fly.  This is because we offer our clients access to all aircraft available on the market that are free on the day you wish to travel. Most importantly, you will receive the ultimate service each and every time you book ad hoc charter with Admiral Jet. We want you to be thrilled with your flight. A Jet Card is actually only a “wrapper” for ad hoc charter, and you may find there are hidden charges, and inconveniences compared to ad hoc charter.

Empty Legs

What is an empty leg?
An empty leg is a term we use for any positioning sector of a private jet flight. Usually this is either return portion of a booked flight or when the aircraft needs to return to its home base or destination.

How can I fly on an empty leg?
If you can be flexible on date, time, departure airport or location we may have an empty leg for you. However, there are a few disadvantages to empty leg flights, the main being you really are at the constraints of the customer who booked the original trip. If the live part of the trip is delayed, cancelled, or changes dates, it will mean you will need to be flexible. If you love spontaneous travel – empty legs are ideal.

Our team of ACA Qualified Brokers will provide you with a live bespoke Jet or Helicopter quotation within the hour. Fill in the form below we’ll be in touch.