Seamless Last-Minute Private Jet Booking from London to Paris

Seamless Last-Minute Private Jet Booking from London to Paris

Client Background

Our client, an American traveller, found himself in a predicament during a luxury celebratory stay in London with his family.

Originally planning to journey from London to Paris the following day via Eurostar train, he faced unexpected cancellations due to strikes, threatening to disrupt his travel plans.

The Challenge – Last-minute private jet booking

Frustrated and facing a time crunch, our client urgently needed an alternative mode of transportation to honour his reservation at the luxurious Shangri La hotel in Paris.  He reached out to Admiral Jet for a solution.

The Solution

The call from came in at 9:45 in the evening, for a flight the following day – New Year’s Eve, highlighting the urgency of the situation.  Our expert Admiral Jet team immediately sprang into action, demonstrating our commitment to being available 24/7. Despite the challenges posed by the late hour and the urgency of the client’s request, we promptly found a suitable private jet for his journey, while making it easy for him to book and pay without interrupting his evening with his family. (It is possible to book anytime – even during a fun Tuk-tuk ride in London).

The Flight

The flight took off the following morning from London Biggin Hill, landing in Paris Le Bourget just over an hour later, allowing him and his family carry on their European adventure and New Year’s celebrations exactly as planned. This last-minute private jet booking went perfectly as planned.

Why Admiral Jet Stands Out:

Last-Minute Excellence:

Admiral Jet showcased its capability to handle last-minute requests with finesse. The swift response and efficient resolution of the client’s travel dilemma highlighted our dedication to meeting urgent client needs at all times.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere:

The client’s frustration stemmed from a day of chaos with Eurotunnel cancellations, and that other attempts to rearrange his travel had gone unanswered.  For Admiral Jet the late-night call reflected the urgency of his situation.  Admiral Jet’s availability around the clock meant that he found the assistance he needed precisely when he needed it.

Seamless Booking Process:

Our commitment to making luxury travel effortless was exemplified. The client was able to confirm the private jet booking and make payment via credit card—all while traversing London in a Tuktuk. The seamless discreet process allowed him to continue his activities without disruption.

Client Expertise:

The client, an aviation enthusiast and owner of a Citation CJ2, recognized the efficiency and expertise demonstrated by Admiral Jet. This acknowledgment from a client well-versed in aviation further underscores the quality of our service.


In facilitating our clients’ last-minute private jet booking from London to Paris, Admiral Jet not only overcame the challenges presented by unforeseen circumstances but also showcased the company’s commitment to accessibility, efficiency, and client satisfaction. This case serves as a testament to Admiral Jet’s ability to rise to the occasion, with no fuss or disruption.  We made luxury travel a smooth experience, even in the face of unexpected challenges – and on a busy New Year’s Eve.

Why Choose Us?

  • You are dealing with the Experts
  • The Right Aircraft and Service Every Time We listen and use our extensive experience and knowledge to ensure we deliver a 5 star service every time.
  • No Compromise Our unrivalled knowledge of the market means we never compromise on quality, and our excellent relationships with aircraft operators mean we always remain competitive.
  • We are available 24/7 Every Day – No Exceptions You will have one point of contact. Your dedicated Charter Manager will be available at all times to deal with the unexpected efficiently. With Admiral Jet you have total peace of mind.

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