A Guide on How to Book a Private Jet

Booking a private jet

A 3 Step Guide on How to Book a Private Jet

Our experienced Charter Team are ready to guide you through a simple and seamless private chartering and booking process: from selecting your private jet, to arriving at the VIP Terminal and taking to the skies. Here is our guide on how to book a private jet. Get ready to experience the world of Private Jet Travel.

A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Your Details

Get in touch with our Charter Team either by phone, email or by using the Quote Request form on our website.

The details we will need in order to give you a quotation for your trip are:

  • Departure and Arrival airports or locations; we can advise you on the closest private jet airports.
  • Dates and times of travel. Exact timings can be fixed at a later stage.
  • The number of passengers. This is so that we can quote for an appropriate aircraft, but you can add passengers to your trip if the aircraft has more seats than required by your original party.
  • The type of luggage you will have, especially if oversized or if you have many bags. Some aircraft have a larger luggage capacity than others.

Step 2 – Your Quotation

Once we have your details your charter manager will produce a written quotation for you, offering you a choice of private aircraft suitable for your trip. They will take into account everything you have discussed, including any catering requirements and additional needs such as wheelchair access or pets travelling with you.

The choice of aircraft we offer may be at different price points and have distinct attributes, such as seating or sleeping configuration, headroom and luggage space.

Step 3 – Your Booking

You can consider the options and once you have made your choice, let your charter manager know which aircraft you’d like to book.

You will then receive a contract to sign, and will be offered a choice of secure payment methods.

Once you have paid your charter manager will confirm everything to you in writing, with instructions on when you need to arrive at the VIP lounge for your flight.

And Finally

The team at the VIP lounge will welcome you with a drink of your choice and once you have cleared the swift customs procedures your captain will welcome you on-board your jet.

When you work with Admiral Jet, we keep the process simple and we are always available, day or night. Contact the team to book your next trip