Navigating Battery Restrictions While Flying

Navigating Battery Restrictions While Flying

As avid travellers, we all understand that certain items are prohibited from being carried on board an aircraft, and there is some confusion around battery restrictions while flying.

Passengers can be frequently left struggling with the battery restrictions on various items when flying, especially mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, scooters, and other devices that are necessary for your mobility. Without advice, flying with these devices can become a complicated and confusing process.  In most cases, a lithium battery for a collapsible mobility aid like a scooter or powerchair will need approval.

Mobility Scooter on a Private Jet – Battery Restrictions While Flying

Recently one of our clients, who we have a great relationship with, contacted the team for their next trip. This time, one of the party was traveling with a mobility scooter. The client had some concerns about restrictions regarding the battery and whether travel with the mobility aid was even possible. The personal account manager was quick to reassure their regular client. The battery did not pose any issue for destination they were travelling to and the aircraft they preferred for their flight.

Generally the restrictions apply to certain voltages and sizes of battery, but these rules vary by country, aircraft and other considerations.

Tell Your Account Manager About Your Equipment

When you make your initial enquiry with us, you’ll be asked about your luggage and any additional items you may be travelling with. Let your personal account manager know about your mobility equipment and the type of battery used. Everything is possible in some way, leave it to us to figure out the technicalities and you can be on the move stress free.

Items such as wheelchairs and scooters may require disassembly or folding, which will help to decrease the size for transportation. If the scooter does not fold down let the team know as this may alter the types of aircraft that we recommend as suitable for your trip.

In this case the client sent us the details of the scooter and we ensured that their preferred aircraft was suitable to carry the scooter.  Our client was pleased, as was the owner of the scooter. Having never flown with it before they were apprehensive and fearful of damage during the travel process. When flying privately your luggage and personal items are safe.  The risk of damage and loss you may experience with commercial flying is eliminated.

We Advise You Fully and Find a Solution

When booking your private air travel, you have one point of contact with Admiral Jet. There is no trawling through the commercial airline website, terms and conditions, or waiting for email replies.  And no need to stay on hold in the hope of getting your answers about restrictions on your equipment.

No matter what your potential query, we’ll get you the direct answers to your questions and reassure you about any constraints of travelling with items that potentially have legal restrictions.

Why Choose Us?

  • You are dealing with the Experts
  • The Right Aircraft and Service Every Time We listen and use our extensive experience and knowledge to ensure we deliver a 5 star service every time.
  • No Compromise Our unrivalled knowledge of the market means we never compromise on quality, and our excellent relationships with aircraft operators mean we always remain competitive.
  • We are available 24/7 Every Day – No Exceptions You will have one point of contact. Your dedicated Charter Manager will be available at all times to deal with the unexpected efficiently. With Admiral Jet you have total peace of mind.

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