Are Private Jets Wheelchair Accessible

Private jet interior - Admiral Jet

Private Jet Wheelchair Accessibility –  Private jets are regularly used by frequent flyers and first-time flyers alike for the comfort, class, and efficiency they provide. So, what can a private jet offer to passengers with reduced mobility.

As a wheelchair user, can you fly on a private jet?

Of course! While space restrictions apply to smaller jets, most medium-sized jets and the vast majority of larger jets can accommodate mobility aids such as crutches and wheelchairs in the hold or right alongside you in the cabin.

It will take a little longer to ensure that everything is in place, so booking a month or so in advance is a good place to start. For those with greater accessibility needs, such as medical assistance or oxygen tanks, we recommend booking even further in advance to ensure that all of your needs are accommodated.

Can I sit in my wheelchair during the flight?

Unfortunately, due to a variety of safety regulations, you will be unable to sit in your own wheelchair during the flight. Passengers secured to a stretcher within an adapted medevac aircraft or a specially adapted wheelchair for use on a large, converted aircraft and secured during take-off and landing are exceptions.

The good news is that private jet seats are extremely comfortable and supportive. Car-style seat belts can be used for extra security, and other adaptations, such as the use of an aisle wheelchair when necessary, during the transfer from your own wheelchair to the aeroplane seat, will ensure that your trip goes smoothly.

How will boarding work?

It goes without saying that boarding a private jet is an easier process than boarding a commercial flight. You will only be flying with your party and the airport staff and crew allow you to board at your own pace. Some airports will even allow you to go through the security proceedings from within your car.

Is it possible to bring an electric wheelchair?

There are complications when flying with an electric wheelchair. This is due to the batteries used. Some batteries may be restricted, while others are allowed. The size of the wheelchair and whether it can be folded also come into account when determining if an electric wheelchair is suitable for the size of the plane you are flying on.

With proper planning, it may be possible to carry an electric wheelchair on the flight, you account manager will be able to advise and help organise this for you.

Why should you consider flying private instead of commercial?

There are many reasons why flying privately offers more benefits than flying commercially, especially for passengers with restricted mobility. You will be able to board the plane in total privacy, with flight crew on hand to support the process.

As well as privacy, you will be able to board shortly after arriving at the airport; you won’t have to wait around, as sometimes a commercial flight can incur up to 3 hours spent in the airport!

Private Jet Wheelchair Accessibility

Some airports and FBOs will be able to offer the use of wheelchairs, but most passengers who require them will bring their own. If you think you will need a wheelchair for use on the day of your flight, one of our team members will assist you with this.

Flying privately has never been so easy, safe, and practical, so contact our 24/7 team today, and we will put together a bespoke flight package tailor-made to suit your every need, no matter what accessibility requirements you may have.