Booking Private Jet Charter is Easy

What to expect when you fly on a private jet. Booking a Private Jet Charter is Easy

Benefits of a private jet charter

Private Jet Charter Booking Made Easy. Flying privately means you will be travelling in style. From start to finish, your experience will be entirely bespoke and luxurious. This is one of the most common reasons given by frequent private jet flyers, but there are numerous advantages to skipping queues and dining on a customised menu throughout your flight.

Allow us to match you with the perfect Jet

Using a broker like Admiral Jet is by far the best way to charter a private jet.

When booking your flight through a broker, you’re dealing with a team of experts who have arranged countless bespoke private jet flights. Every small detail is well and truly taken care of. From dealing with unusual pets, medical equipment, Michelin star meals, and transporting precious objects – there isn’t much the team hasn’t seen.

A broker will also have access to all types of suitable private jet aircraft available, and offer you a choice of the best and newest aircraft on the market.

When booking through a broker, you can expect your personal account manager to flight watch the flight, making sure that everything goes to plan, allowing you total peace of mind throughout the entire experience.

Private Jet Charter Booking Made Easy

When booking wil us, at the start of the booking process, your personal account manager will ask a few questions that will assist them in building your bespoke flight package. These questions will include things such as,

Where do you want to depart from and arrive?

How many people are flying?

Does anyone in your group have dietary requirements?

How much luggage are you expecting to bring?

Are you hoping to fly directly or with stops?

Your personal account manager will then quote for your specific needs; this will include what jets are recommended to suit your journey and, of course, the price of each jet option. We will also recommend which airports are most suitable for your journey too. Once you have chosen which private aircraft option you prefer, your flight will be secured upon payment of invoice.

Once paid everything is booked and in place for you, however, an additional luxury of a private jet charter is that you can still add or remove passengers, subject to aircraft size and fuel requirenments.

Arriving at the private airport and boarding your flight

You can expect to arrive at the private airport around 15 to 20 minutes before your flight.  You will have a tranquil private lounge, where you can relax with refreshments before you board, should you wish.  Unlike commercial flights, you don’t have to wait around at any point in the process.  Security procedures are streamlined and take only minutes and dealing with baggage is much the same.

When boarding your plane, you will be greeted by the crew and welcomed onboard. Private jet cabins are luxurious, spacious, and elegant. The designers of private jets spare no expense when it comes to style and comfort.

Catering will be provided on-board, and if you have specific requests then just let us know during the booking process, and we will make sure everything is perfect for you.

Additional benefits of taking a private jet

Some perks of travelling on a private jet include the ability to travel with sentimental items, knowing they will be kept safe and secure throughout the entire journey – giving you total piece of mind.

Contact our 24/7 team today to begin discussing your next journey! The sky is the limit when it comes to charter travel, so why wait?