10 Benefits of Taking a Private Jet - that may not be immediately obvious!

Private jet airport lounge in Dubai

When you travel by private jet you will have certain expectations of the experience, and there will be many reasons you have chosen to fly privately.  These may include convenience, eficiency, privacy and safety.  You may also just want to mark an occasion or simply choose to enjoy a more luxurious experience than using a busy, noisy international airport.

But there are many benefits of flying by private jet that you may not have thought of, and may be a great reason for you to start using a private jet!  Here are 10 Benefits of Taking a Private Jet, that you may not have considered.

Benefits of Private Jet Travel For Leisure, Group Travel and Business Travel

1. Pets come into the cabin with you

Pets being able to travel by your side is ideal for no fuss family holidays and relocating.  On scheduled flights dogs and cats usually have to travel in the hold away from their owners, which can be worrying and stressful.  With a private flight your pet comes into the cabin with you and can enjoy all the treats they deserve! For your cuddly friend this is the top of the list of our 10 Benefits of Taking a Private Jet.

2. Medical Needs

Private jets are perfect for those with medical needs, wheelchair users, people with sensory needs, passengers with guide dogs, those who have medical staff or equipment. A private jet offers space, privacy, and avoids noise and crowds.

3. Group Travel

Group Travel – Do you have a large business event, a wedding party, a launch party or a group of friends and family who would like to travel together? Taking a private jet means you all travel together on your own private aircraft so you can get the party started before you arrive.  Flying by private jet also means there is no risk of you being split up, losing members or the group, having luggage disasters or of people missing the last call.  See below for additional benefits of how you avoid queues and waiting in the airport!  Private aviation offers you many advantages.

4. Your Holiday Starts as Soon as you Arrive at the Airport Lounge

The family holiday starts off as it means to go on – relax as soon as you arrive at the private jet lounge. There’s no risk of children wandering off, accidentally leaving something in the departure lounge, or worse – having your flight cancelled! When you fly by private jet you can switch off immediately and start planning who is going to be the first in the pool.  You can even get your swimwear ready on the plane!  No delays, cancellations or lost luggage.

5. Exquisite Catering

Onboard Catering is something we are often asked about. Of course we provide fabulous catering onboard, but if you have specific meal requirements or requests we make sure you get exactly what you have requested. Your favourite roast or maybe a dish from a Michelin Star restaurant? No problem!

6. Sports Travel

Sports equipment? Competition kit? Shooting team?  It is really convenient to be able to take your skis, golf clubs or your team kit onboard and know that they won’t be lost or put in some far-flung corner of the destination airport terminal.  It is even more convenient to be able to take equipment onboard that can be difficult to transport on scheduled flights.  So if you are part of a shooting team for example, you can bring firearms onboard, subject to certain procedures.  If you are arranging flights for a team, whether professional or amateur, for a friendly or a major televised event, a private jet is the perfect, no stress way to travel.

Benefits of Private Jet Travel For Business Travel

7.  No Overnight Hotel Required because you can fly there and back in a day (and have a couple of stops along the way!)

Sometimes you find yourself out of the office for longer than you would like, simply because there are no return flights at a suitable time on the day of your meeting.  With a private jet we can always get you home the same day when you take a short haul flight.  The aircraft you fly on will wait for you at the airport until you are ready to return.  If you have meetings in several places, even different countries around Europe, we can schedule several stops for you in the same day.  A private jet can save you from having to plan several trips, several hotels and many days out of the office.  And from a financial perspective, the out of office man hours you have saved can offset your flight costs.

8. You can Fly Direct – to Anywhere

Do you have partners or business associates who are not near a well-served airport? A private jet, or helicopter can land at a local airport with an appropriate runway or landing area, that scheduled flights may not serve. We will help you identify the ideal destination airport to make your trip the most convenient and relaxing flight possible.

9. No Early Mornings Travelling to the Airport

Setting out at 5am or earlier, to catch a scheduled flight at 8 or 9am is not ideal for most people.  With a private jet early mornings are eliminated due to the way private flights are arranged.

  • You tell us what time you want to fly. If 11.00am is more your scene, then that is when we will take off.
  • You may have a shorter travel time to the airport. We will fly from your closest private jet airport, which may be the same as your regional airport, or it may be much closer to you that your usual airport.  Additionally, if you normally need to travel to Gatwick or Heathrow from the surrounding counties, you won’t have to battle the London traffic when you fly privately; You can fly from Biggin Hill, Northholt, Farnborough, or Blackbushe, and various other airports around the London area which may be closer to your home or business.
  • You do not have to arrive 2 hours before your flight. With a private flight you arrive just 10 -15 minutes before take-off, that is sufficient to have a coffee, clear customs and be on your way.  This has to be one of the best of these 10 Benefits of Taking a Private Jet!

10. Forget the Waiting Around, the Crowds and the Queues

Fed up of airports crowds and queues? The hustle and bustle of an airport can be exciting for children, but for business travel it is often the last thing you need at the beginning of a work day. With a private jet, both crowds and queues are a thing of the past, as you have your own luxury private jet terminal.  You can park next to the facility, have some refreshments, and pass through customs all within minutes. No waiting, no queues.  Also ideal when travelling with a group so that you aren’t split up.

As you can see there are so many advantages to flying by private jet in addition to the luxury and stress free experience.

If you think a private jet or helicopter flight might be the solution to your next trip call us today on +44 (0)207 183 9655 to discuss your flight.