Why Fly Private?

So perhaps one of the most common questions that we get asked is a simple one. Why should you fly privately?

Theres many reasons why people prefer to fly privately vs taking a commerical flight. In some cases flying privately is the best and at times only option to get where you need to be. Why fly private? Let’s find out

Luxury Guaranteed

Okay so let’s be honest here. The main reason that anyone decides to fly privately is because its luxury like no other. You want the best, right? You’re not going to get it in a commercial flight – not to the level that private air travel can offer.

Here’s the beautiful thing about a private flight. The only restrictions are the ones that you put on yourself. Our staff are more than happy to provide you with whatever you want or need. Do you fancy having a full meal on board your flight? We can do that. Are you more interested with the idea of a gentle lunch and some light snacks afterwards? That’s not a problem. What we’re saying is that the whole industry is built to make sure that satisfaction is what you get every time you step onto a private flight, and that is what separates us from commercial ventures.

No Hassle, No Fuss

There’s an element of hassle that comes from life on a commercial flight. You have to arrive really early, and then wait to get through all of the security checks and other issues that make the whole thing such a bore. No one wants to spend their morning in the Departures lounge, and that’s why we’ve made sure our experience does not do that.

Seamless travel

Instead, we make sure that you have access to a service which is smooth, seamless and easy to work with. We know that it can be important for people to save time wherever possible, so our system means that you can turn up 10 minutes before you are due to board and get onto the plane with no issues at all. Why is this the case? Well, it’s because you are the only person, we are interested in. It does not matter to use who else is flying that day – our jet is ready to transport you as soon as you are ready to go.

Business requirements

Wether traveling to business meetings or trips or for crew movements for your teams – business needs can be met by private air travel like no other.

Why fly private?

Why fly private? To summarise, these are just a couple of the reasons why you should fly privately wherever you can. We know that it can seem like a great challenge to try and find the right transportation when you go away on holiday. However, it is important to understand that when it comes to your flight, the best choice is the most luxurious one. You need to make sure that you are giving yourself the best possible chance at comfort, because flying is often quite a long experience. You find that you need to spend a lot of time up in the air and so this necessitates the need for a private hire like ours.