Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel - What You Need to Know

The world of private jets is one which isn’t always exciting. However, it is an industry which is continually evolving and changing. As a company, we keep a very close eye on the world and the type of developments that are happening.

So, for example, when we look at the concept of sustainable alternative jet fuel, we get a rare chance to introduce you to another element of our world – the part where we’re actually working hard to make sure that people get access to the information they need about this industry and the way we try and evolve it.

What is Alternative Sustainable Jet Fuel?

 To begin with, we’re going to be taking a look at what sustainable alternative jet fuel is, and why it’s crucial. The term refers to a range of non-petroleum fuels. All of which have been custom-made to reduce the CO2 emissions and protect the environment.

Emissions threaten the long term viability of aviation. Which is why the creation of a new fuel source is often a high priority task for R&D departments. The term is given because these new fuels are sustainable and derived from sources which aren’t harmful to the environment. Waste products, cooking oil – they’re all just as usable.

Is this Fuel Safe?

 Naturally, we make the safety of the people who fly with us to be the top priority. Our clients need to know that they can get from A to B without there being any safety concerns. All the fuels that we consider using are all rigorously tested to make sure that they’re safe.

Sustainable alternative jet fuel is approved and validated by the correct regulatory bodies inside the industry. This ensures that everyone is kept safe. After all, the men and women who get you to your destination are just as important as you are. So if nothing else, you can be sure that any alternative jet fuel use is completely safe, and will get you from where are you going to where you need to be without any problems.

Protecting the environment is, of course, one of our primary concerns when we operate every day, which is why we are always interested in new research and development that put us on the right path towards a greener way of travel. However, we also work very hard to ensure the safety of the customer, which is why every ounce of fuel that we use is properly checked and approved, not just by the company but also by our team of experts. This meticulous double checking should help to reassure you that we take our jobs very seriously, and will do everything in our power to keep you safe and comfortable during your travels.