There’s no doubt about it. Jet lag can be a severe problem when you’re flying. Whether you operate commercially or via a private jet hire, there are certain instances where jet lag is unavoidable. But do you know what jet lag is? Could you spot the symptoms?

The thing is, a lot of people can’t. They don’t know much about jet lag, and they fly unaware of what could happen. We’re not trying to scare you. Jet lag is a temporary and perfectly normal experience. However, we also believe that you deserve to know. So we’re going to look at Jet lag in more detail here and now.

So, What is Jet Lag?

Okay, so what’s jet lag? Well, you need to understand something about the world. It’s divided up into time zones. You see, when it’s the morning for you, it’s nighttime on the other side of the planet, being a spherical object and all. So when you fly and cross a timezone, you’re entering a different period of the day. In some cases, there’s a couple of hours difference. In other instances, you could be half a day earlier or later.

Jet lag is what happens to your body when it tries to process this. We all have an internal body clock, and it takes time to adjust to the new timezone you’re in after you’ve travelled. So you experience symptoms of jet lag.

Jet Lag Symptoms

There are quite a few symptoms of jet lag. They’re not usually a severe problem, but it’s helpful to know what they are. You may find it hard to sleep at first – your body is confused and doesn’t know it’s time for bed. You might also be tired during the day, and any sleep you do get may be of lower quality. You can also experience concentration issues, indigestion and even problems with bowel movements.

What Can I Do?

 There isn’t a treatment for jet lag. What you will find is that it’s a case of waiting to adjust. You won’t like it, but it’s often the only option you have. You need to stop and wait for the body to figure out that you’re in a different timezone. It’s a good idea to take it easy where you can.

In some instances, you can consider sleeping tablets. However, we have to caution you. They can be addictive and aren’t suitable for prolonged use. They’re helpful for a day or two, and then you should adjust naturally to your new location.

In conclusion, the symptoms of jet lag can be challenging. But you need to remember they’re only temporary. Try and plan your trips abroad to compensate for these feelings, and you’ll be okay. Jet lag shouldn’t put you off travelling either. There’s so much to see and do. Private jet hire can help you reach these incredible destinations, and a long journey is best broken up into stops too. If you’re going somewhere far away, maybe stop in a couple of countries and see some of the sights, so you’re not stuck in a plane for hours all the time.