Protocol for a smooth flight

Private Jet Protocol on board

Most of us are accustomed to the protocols inside commercial airport terminals and know what to expect during the flight process. If it’s your first time chartering, many of the details are similar however there are some key differences to bear in mind.


Passengers will need to travel with the same documentation that would be required on a commercial flight. Passports are necessary as are any other Visas that may be required. Your personal account manager can advise further.


Private jet flights typically do not have the same luggage restrictions as commercial airlines, but it’s still important to check with the flight operator to ensure that all luggage complies with safety regulations. The amount of luggage you can take on board depends on the aircraft you are chartering.

Security Screening

While private jet flights generally bypass traditional airport security lines in the main terminal, passengers may still be subject to security screening measures such as metal detectors or baggage scans.

Arrival Time

Passengers should arrive at the airport at least 30 minutes before departure time to allow for any necessary paperwork and pre-flight preparations.

Dress Code

There is no formal dress code for flying on board a private jet. Comfort is key.

Food and Beverages

Most private jet flights offer catering services, allowing passengers to choose from a variety of food and beverage options. However, it’s important to inform your personal account manager of any dietary restrictions or special requests in advance so we can ensure your requirements are adhered to.


Just like on a commercial flight, passengers should always respect the crew and follow any instructions given by the pilot or flight attendant. Additionally, it’s important to be mindful of noise levels and avoid disruptive behavior.

Overall, these are just a few private jet protocol pointers to help you get the most from your private jet experience. We aim to give people the best possible time onboard their flight because it can mean a lot to people to know that they are looked after. This is your flight, after all, and so if there is ever anything that we can do, we implore you to ask us and let us know. It’s all part of our commitment to giving you an experience you can adore, so don’t hesitate to ask!