24H Le Mans by Private Jet

Traveling to the iconic 24 Hour Le Mans race by private jet with Admiral Jet is the epitome of luxury and efficiency.

Whether you’re heading to the  full-day event, or just for a few hours, our team of air travel specialists will get you there quickly and comfortably. The centenery race of the most high profile endurance event in the racing world takes place on the 10th and 11th June 2023. 24H Le Mans by Private Jet is the ultimate experience.

Travelling to Le Mans

When travelling to the race, there’s no need for lengthy and congested onward journeys. We are able to land in the Le Mans-Arnage aerodrome, just over 10km from the track. Suitable for landing helicopters and jets, your chosen method of air travel will land you as close to the action as possible.

Don’t miss a moment

Our team will customise your flight around your desired race-viewing schedule. You won’t miss a moment of the exciting action!

24H Le Mans by Private Jet

Upon arriving at Le Mans Aerodrome, you’ll be welcomed by our team. Expertly trained pilots and crew members will be with you on the trip to Le Mans. Additionally, at the airport, you’ll be able to access many exclusive amenities. Including complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi, and other services designed to make your flight as comfortable as possible.

Additionally, on arival our team will be on hand to provide you with ground transportation to the circuit if you require. So, no matter where you’re headed, Admiral Jet will ensure that your Le Mans experience is luxurious and efficient.

Contact the team to make your travel arrangements.