Booking Private Air Travel: A Guide for Personal Assistants

Team boarding a private jet

Booking Private Air Travel: A Guide for Personal Assistants

Personal assistants, whether in the corporate world or family offices, are integral to the success of their employers. They may need to be able to travel quickly and reliably on short notice. Our guide provides an overview of the process involved in booking private jets or helicopters, helping you make sure your employers are always where they to be.

Booking made easy for Personal Assistants

The first and easiest port of call is to get in touch with our team. Our personal account managers have a wealth of experience, and all hold the Air Charter Association Broker’s Qualifications. Give them the departure and arrival details of the trip and passenger numbers and they will be able to advise on suitable aircraft options for your trip. We never cut corners, so the service you will receive, and the experience of the passengers is of paramount importance to us. Once an aircraft option has been selected all documents and contracts are available digitally for your convenience.

Flight preparations

The team advises you on any visa requirements the destination country may require.We are able to answer any questions you or the office may have about the trip. If refreshments or catering is required, please do let us know. The options are varied, and this can of course be tailored to dietary requirements and preferences of the passengers on board.

Flight amendments

Alterations or changes to flights on commercial airlines are often so difficult. When flying privately, passenger changes or additions are easily amended by contacting your account manager. On the rare occasion a flight needs to be rescheduled or cancelled completely, we can of course work with you to accommodate your needs.

Booking private jets for your employer can be a daunting task at first. When you work with Admiral Jet, we keep the process streamlined. Contact the team to book your next trip