What can I Eat and Drink on a Private Jet?

Dining on board

Dining on board a private jet certainly is an experience. Are you curious about the delectable options when dining on board a Private Jet? Prepare to be pleasantly surprised as we delve into the world of in-flight gourmet experiences.

When you choose to book a flight with Admiral Jet, you’ll be greeted by a dedicated Personal Account Manager. Their primary mission is to curate a bespoke and exceptional service tailored to your every need. Right from the start, they will engage with you to understand your catering preferences and any dietary requirements you may have.

Private jet catering is synonymous with exceptional quality, and the best part is that VIP catering is included in the price of your flight. So, let’s dive into some common questions about the food and drink offerings you can expect when dining on board:

Dietary Requirements

Got specific dietary needs? Not a problem. Your Personal Account Manager will ensure all your dietary requirements are not just met but exceeded. Whether you prefer meat-free, gluten-free, or vegan options, we’ve got you covered.

Short Flight Treats

Even on short flights, you can anticipate a range of high-quality snacks. From fresh salads and fruits to delectable sandwiches and pastries, we’ve curated an array of delights for your journey.

Special Occasions

Planning to celebrate a special occasion in the air? We’ve got a delightful surprise in store for you. Depending on your celebration, we can arrange birthday cakes, dishes from your favorite restaurant, or even a bottle of your preferred bubbly. Just let your Personal Account Manager know your desires, and we’ll make it happen.

Culinary Preparation

Our dishes are meticulously prepared in advance, taking into account potential allergies and preferences such as halal, kosher, or vegan diets. Your meals are then transported to the Fixed Base Operator (FBO), where they are stored before being brought on board, assembled, and served to you with care.

Beverage Selection

Quench your thirst with an array of options, including soft drinks, teas, coffees, sparkling wines, and champagne. If you have a particular favorite drink, your Personal Account Manager will ensure it’s readily available for you to enjoy during your flight.

Restaurant Dining on board

Craving a dish from your favorite restaurant? Yes, you can savor it on board! With ample notice, your Personal Account Manager can arrange for your preferred meal to be brought on board, ensuring your flight is a truly exceptional culinary experience.

At Admiral Jet, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, and our team is no stranger to unique requests. We can accommodate most special requests and, given enough notice, even arrange for your favorite foods from your chosen restaurant, provide celebration cakes, and serve your preferred beverages.

Contact our team today to discuss your upcoming travel plans and embark on a gourmet adventure with Admiral Jet!