Private Flights Versus Scheduled Flights

When you hear the words Private Jet you may immediately think “Luxury”.  This is definitely one of the aspects of private flights, however in a business arena there are many additional benefits, which your boss, colleagues and company may appreciate more than the obvious .

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Time Savings – Before You Board and When You Land

Time Savings may be the most valuable benefit of flying privately.  When you book a scheduled flight you may have to travel for an hour or more to get to your local airport.  You will also have to be there for two to three hours before the flight, to arrive in time for check-in procedures, and to take account of queues at security, customs and immigration.

In total you will potentially have spend at least four hours of your day, travelling, queuing and waiting before boarding a scheduled flight.

Then upon landing, especially in larger airports such as Gatwick or Paris CDG, it can take anywhere up to two hours to pass through immigration, collect any bags that you checked in and return to your car.

That’s a potential of 6 hours in total spend hanging around airports when you fly on a commercial flight.  No matter how luxurious business class becomes, the time savings of a private jet are unbeatable.

Private Flights from Closer Airports

If you fly privately you will probably have a smaller private airport closer to home or your office.  There are just 15 major airports in the UK yet there are 14 private jet airports in London alone and over 50 in the UK.

To illustrate, if you live in Kent, for example, the closest major airport is Gatwick, a drive of 1hr 30.  However, there is a private airport at Lydd, just 30 minutes drive on quiet roads.  Flying privately allows you to arrive just 15 minutes before take-off.

You could leave your home and be in the air within 45 minutes, versus 4 hours or more with a scheduled flight.

When you compare private flights versus scheduled flights for business there is a clear winner for efficiency, flexibility, timings and productivity.

4 Destinations and 4 Meetings in a Day is a Reality

These time savings have a knock-on effect to your business day.  With a scheduled flight you may have time for a meeting in Europe before returning in the evening or even the next day depending on scheduled flight availability.

With a Private Flight, the aircraft is all yours for the day.  Additionally, private airports often have meeting rooms available on site for your use.  You can be at your first meeting early in the morning – you specify the time – which means you can travel to a second meeting, and even a third and fourth before returning home the same day.

Flying privately is convenient, saves time, and creates work efficiencies.

You will be more productive and arrive home feeling like it was all in a days work!

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