Wildlife Watching

Wildlife Watching

Reaching some of the most remote destinations can at times be only organised by private jet or helicopter.

Brown Bear Experiences in Alaska

During Alaska’s summer season there is a lot going on! Bears are enjoying the summer weather and all of its abundance; the food is flowing upstream, and these bears go fishing. The U.S state is only completely explorable during these few months. To explore all it has to offer you will need to visit when the days are warm and long and the region is easiest to navigate.

Brooks Camp in Katmai National Park opens from May 1st until September 18th when Off-peak season begins. If you choose to visit you can witness up to 100 bears standing mid-river to fish for sockeye salmon! As expected, this area is mainly accessed by air.

The local airport, Lake Brooks Seaplane base has multiple runways and can be utilised by private jets., such as the Beechcraft King Air 250 and the Citation Mustang are routinely used on their runways.  Contact our team if you are considering a grizzly get away!

Botswana’s Okavango Delta

July is peak season in Botswana, but the government puts a focus on a low-volume, high-value tourism industry. This means that you won’t see many other people, this is to protect wildlife and native fauna from damage.

You can go on water level tours of the vast Okavango Delta. All sorts of wildlife settle within this area from hippos, crocs, waterlilies, and birds. The Delta’s water is supplied by the Okavango River which rests up in the highlands. Rainfall which begins in January begins to trickle down to the Delta below.

Manu Airport serves the town of Maun. It is the main gateway for tourists who visit the Okavango Delta, it can also transport you to many other local treasures such as the Chobe National Park or the Moremi Game Reserve. If Safari trips are your wildlife watching trip of choice, our partners at Mathew’s Luxury Travel can help.

Contact our team today if you are interested in exploring all that Botswana’s wildlife has to offer.

Pantanal, Brazil

When you consider Brazil for wildlife spotting you might instantly think of the Amazon however there is so much more to this country’s biodiversity. The Pantanal wetland offers an extraordinary chance for you to witness some of the most elusive wildlife.

During the dry season when the foliage is thin you will find that animals gather at small pockets of water, this gives an opportunity for you to view some of Brazil’s famous native animals such as the capybara or howler monkeys. Animals of all species gather around including jaguars from June to August. Deeper areas of the wilderness are more accessible this time of year.

There is much to see within nature during this opportune month so take advantage of the heat and get out there to see some of the world’s most elusive animals! Contact our 24/7 team today and we can assist you with chartering a private jet to any number of incredible locations.