Focus on Your Wellbeing With a Private Jet

It is healthy to slow down and focus on your wellbeing, everybody could do with a chance to nourish their mind, body, and soul. It is more important now the ever to make time for this.

Start your wellbeing journey as soon as you take off on board your private jet and take time to focus on yourself. Visit some of the world’s most cutting-edge health spas and resorts by private jet.

Benefits of Stress Reduction

We could all do with reducing our stress levels, by taking the time out of your busy life to ‘recharge your batteries’ you can experience benefits from this such as lowering your blood pressure and improving your digestion.

Decide to invest in yourself by booking an all-inclusive stay at one of the world’s few bespoke health spas. When you travel remove the last stress of any journey and travel on a private jet which prioritizes your comfort and wellbeing. From the moment you arrive at the private terminal at the airport to the moment when you return, everything we do will be to ensure your peace of mind allowing you to focus on your journey to wellness.

Luxurious Wellness Destinations

New Zealand – Aro Ha, Glenorchy

The eco-friendly, intimate retreat is surrounded by 8.5 hectares of undisturbed New Zealand landscape. This wellness retreat overlooks Lake Wakatipu and is the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Their philosophy combines nature, nutrition, mindfulness, and yoga to calm your nervous system from the stress of modern life.

The neutral stone, wood and glass allow for guests to reconnect with themselves and the earth. Meals at the retreat are often paleo-inspired and vegetarian. Aro Ha offers you a mental and physical transformation. Stays at this resorts are over 5 or 7 nights and only 32 guests stay at any time so you will experience a personal and bespoke experience.

Switzerland – Clinique La Prairie

Clinique La Prairie is worth a visit, this high-tech health spa deals with cutting edge stem-cell treatment and preventative medicine. The medi-spa is host to a legendary week-long revitalisation package which combines preventative medicine with a diagnostic programme which can flag anything from disease risk factors in your DNA profile to Vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

The medi-spa also offers a seven-day, six-night mobility therapy stay. This is ideal for those who find themselves having to stop routine exercise due to discomfort or pain. Those who decide to take part in this therapy stay can expect to rejuvenate their bodies in a results focused program. Cardio training sessions and physiotherapy will be used to facilitate your healing journey.

Benefits to Private Travel

Aboard a private jet you will see just how many ways we can support your wellness journey. The high standards we operate to ensure maximum convenience and luxury. The air in a Private Jet cabin is pure, crisp, and clear. The humidity never drops below optimum ranges, and you can request any number of different meals and snacks during your flight.

Final thoughts

By booking a bespoke flight package you are ensuring that your wellness journey gets off to a productive start. Contact our 24/7 team today and we will assign you a Personal Account Manager who will ensure everything goes smoothly.