July Destinations For Culture and Art

Destinations for Culture and Art

Now that summer is in full swing why not go and explore some of the Culture and Art destinations of the world before autumn brings in the cooler months. Whatever you’re looking for a short relaxing break or a deep dive into the rich culture and history of your destination, look no further. Explore some of our highlights best reached when travelling by Private Jet.

Avignon, France

The city of Avignon is transformed yearly by the Festival d’Avignon which allows this city to showcase its architectural heritage and local craftsmanship. Every evening of the month there is at least one show première which allows each spectator and artist a chance to take part in this month-long event.

Visitors to the festival are able to enjoy many forms of cultural expression from debates to exhibitions the city becomes a so-called open-air forum where visitors can discuss the shows and their experiences throughout the festival. For the month of July locals and returning spectators can live and breath the soul of this town.

When visiting Avignon choose charter travel. By chartering a private jet to Avignon – Provence Airport you can ensure that from start to finish your journey is peaceful and luxurious.

Kyoto, Japan

Taking place throughout July, Kyoto’s Gion festival is a month-long celebration dating back to the year 869. Rituals, parades, and ceremonies have taken place for hundreds of years. The festival is part religious observance and part raucous street festival!

Japan is slowly reopening their borders and with limited travel options available to many this could be the right time to swoop in and experience Japan for yourself before tourism booms once again.

The streets of this historic town will be lined with night stalls which sell things such as traditional Japanese sweets and local food. If you’re looking to experience a small piece of Japan for yourself this mid-summer, consider skipping the backlog of commercial airlines and start your journey off to a great start with private charter travel.

San Francisco, USA

An obvious choice for July cultural celebrations has to be Independence Day in America. You could visit riverside firework displays among the stunning background of the Golden Gate Bridge. There are countless parades and parties across the U.S during the independent Day weekend so you’re likely to enjoy yourself in many cities such as Seattle, Houston, or New York.

Take part in ferry rides, walking tours, free concerts, and baseball games throughout the holiday weekend. Why not view the fireworks from a cruise ship? Local Ferry and boat companies offer this service leaving from Fisherman’s Wharf neighbourhood an hour or so before the fireworks start.

If you’re considering taking part in this all-American holiday, allow us to get you there in style, the weekend puts a notorious strain on commercial airlines so beat the crowds and begin your holiday early with a bespoke flight package.

Final Thoughts

July is one of the busiest months for travel, with schools out and the weather bright and beautiful in many parts of the world it’s no wonder why people are looking to travel during this opportune time of year.

Skip all the endless queues of a commercial airport and choose to fly privately this year, the benefits speak for themselves with check-in and security times around 15-20 minutes you won’t be kept waiting around and we’ll have you on your way in no time at all!

Contact our 24/7 team today and begin booking that perfect July get-away, your Personal Account Manager will ensure your comfort from start to finish.