Chartering for the first time: A Guide

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Chartering a Private Jet with Admiral Jet for the first time

Why Admiral Jet?

When chartering for the first time or a returning client – knowing who you’re working with is always important.

We believe in putting you, the customer, at the heart of everything we do.

We don’t simply make claims of being the best in the luxury travel sphere; we aim to prove our worth in every interaction, every journey, every smile.

Because showing you we are the best is more powerful than simply saying it.

When and Where?

When you fly on a private jet we make it as convenient as possible for you.  You do not have to drive for hours to your nearest international airport.  With a private jet, we will take off from the closest airport to your home or office, which may be a small airport that you were unaware of.  You will also dictate the schedule – so if you want to leave at 8am, midday or 10.00pm, simply tell us when you book and we will be ready for your take-off at your specified time.

Categories of Aircraft

Private Jets can be broken into 7 basic categories: very light jets, light jets, midsize jets, super midsize jets, heavy jets and long-range jets.

Turbo props are a separate category, they are more cost-effective for shorter distances and are perfect for remote locations with short runways.

Each of these categories have their own benefits and your Personal Account Manager will decide which is suitable for your journey. Chartering a private jet allows you more control over the aircraft in which you fly, this means your experience is tailor made to your needs.


When preparing for that all exciting first private jet flight, as with any flight you should think carefully about packing for your trip. On light jets, larger baggage may not be accessible from the cabin. It’s advisable to pack a small bag you can carry onboard. Larger Aircraft however often have accessible luggage compartments so this isn’t usually an issue.

As with commercial planes there are items that are not allowed onboard, notably objects such as weapons. However, you are still under fewer restrictions with private charter travel.


Travelling with your pets on a commercial flight may be uncomfortable as your pet may have to be secured in the cargo hold. This can be a traumatising experience meaning many passengers choose to not bring their animals aboard when they travel.

This is a shame, and it doesn’t have to be this way. In most circumstances we can accommodate your pets, so they get to travel right next to you. Simply notify us when you book that you’re bringing along a pet and we’ll find a suitable aircraft.  The crew will be aware of your companion and will make sure the aircraft is adjusted to keep your companion safe and comfortable.

Security and Check-in

When flying on a private jet there is no need to turn up 2-3 hours early, 20 to 30 minutes is more than enough time. That would leave you with enough time to explore the VIP lounges supplied by most airports.

Your passport details are submitted to the operator in advance of your flight, you will already be cleared to travel with only a simple security gate between you and your flight which will take minutes rather than hours. This process is kept brief yet reassuring.


Onboard your flight many food options are available to you. It is even possible to source food and drink from your favourite restaurant if you’d prefer, so the sky is truly the limit.

Depending on which jet category you are flying with you can truly go all out. On shorter flights there may be luxury snacks or a delicious lunch with all the trimmings whereas on longer flights you will have a fully catered 3 course meals.

Facilities are difference based on which jet you are flying on, so please do discuss this with your personal account manager to make sure all expectations are met.

Onward Travel

At most airports you will be picked up adjacent to the aircraft, you won’t need to go further then the runway to find your transfer car. Your Personal Account Manager can arrange onward travel for you.  Feel free to discuss this next time you fly with us.

Available 24/7

Travelling by a private jet is an unparalleled experience, you’ll be fast tracked through security protocols whilst having the flexibility to change your schedule a bit. The point is that as a private passenger the flight is based around you.

Our 24/7 team are here to quote for any flight requests. We are also here to answer any questions and reassure you as a first-time private jet passenger so, why wait? Come and experience the fine art of flying with Admiral Jet.