St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day

Are you looking to travel to where it all began this St Patrick’s day? Or perhaps you’re looking for something else. We will take you to any number of magical locations where you can ‘paint the town green’

Celebrations for this day happen in many places around the world with each place offering a unique and special experience to those who are wiling to travel for this event, why not consider some of these locations below and contact our 24/7 team for a quote today.

Within Ireland

It goes without saying that County Dublin offers one of the most vibrate St Patrick’s day experiences. There is a yearly parade full of cheer, the parade is rich with the countries culture, you’ll spend the day surrounded by celebration and joy. Afterwards you can find modern twists on traditional Irish food in the heart of Dublin City. Fly into Dublin airport this St Patricks day for an unforgettable experience.

County Cork, as Ireland’s second largest city doesn’t disappoint when it comes to celebrations. Flying into Cork airport you will see the parade that runs from the South Mall to the Grand Parade alongside a long selection of events and activities. You will find indoor, outdoor, and day & night celebrations suitable for any age group.

Our final recommendation within Ireland is County Killarney, With the past couple of years leaving this iconic event cancelled in many cities and towns, Killarney is no exception but this year they’re determined to come back better than ever with 2022’s celebrations themed around celebrating the earth.

Outside of Ireland

Denmark offers some beautiful St Patrick’s day celebrations, one being in the capital. The first Copenhagen St. Patrick’s Day Parade took place in 2005 and has become one of the city’s annual traditions. With face-painting for the kids and Irish coffee with legendary Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey for the adults. The parade starts at 5pm, lead by actor Tom Mc Ewan.

Even though Scotland doesn’t have a sizeable Irish community you can’t expect them to stay out of the worldwide celebration! Locals drink gallons of Guinness with their friends throughout bars and pubs, you can expect to experience a vibrant festive atmosphere in the large cities including Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen.

There are some notable cities in America which go green for this special occasion, such as Chicago in Illinois which dyes their river! You can expect celebrations also in New York, Boston, and Dallas.

Whether you’re looking to experience this holiday where it all began, or you’ve got your eyes set further afield we’re here to help. It’s got to be said that no matter what city or town you decide to visit on St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, you’re sure to meet celebrations, festivals, and an abundance of things to do!

We can get you to any number of locations within and outside Ireland, simply contact us to begin planning your perfect get away this St Patrick’s day.