Spend New Years in Style

New Year’s Destinations: The Top 3 Places to Fly to By Private Jet

Here are our top 3 New Year’s Destinations. With luxurious accommodations, stunning sights, and first-class service, these cities will make for the perfect backdrop for your New Year’s party. We’ve gathered the top three destinations. Popular among jet-setters and celebrities alike for their New Year’s celebrations. So, let’s plan ahead, book that private jet, and celebrate the new year in style.

New York City, USA

The city that never sleeps is the perfect place to usher in the new year. From the iconic ball drop in Times Square to the fireworks display in Central Park, NYC is always a top pick for NYE celebrations. But what sets it apart from other top destinations is the range of celebrations you can experience. Black-tie parties and VIP access to rooftop bars, and the incredible New Year’s Day parade are just a few of the events to choose from.

Sydney, Australia

One of the first cities in the world to celebrate the start of the new year. Sydney, Australia, is truly a sight to behold. With the famous Harbour Bridge and the Opera House as a backdrop – the 12 minutes of fireworks over the harbour are a spectacle, truly second to none. Aside from the fireworks, there is so much to see and do in this beautiful city.

Reykjavik, Iceland

This place is for those willing to be more adventurous, for the island country is covered in snow during the portal into the new year. Here, you can witness the stunning Northern Lights during your stay. In Reykjavik, the New Year’s Eve celebration starts with fireworks at 6:30 pm. By midnight, the entire sky is lit up like a carnival. Icelanders believe in setting off fireworks to rid themselves of evil spirits and welcome a new year of hope and joy.

Arriving at your New Year’s Destination by Private Jet

Traveling to your preferred New Year’s destination via private jet will give you and your loved ones the much-needed comfort and luxury. Celebrate the start of the new year in style! From the bright lights of New York, to fireworks displays in Sydney, and adventure in Reykjavik, you’re sure to have a wonderful start to the year with any of these New Year’s Destinations. So, get planning, book that private jet, and let the celebrations begin!