Relocating by Private Jet

When arranging the movement of your furniture and personal belongings to a new home logistics can become extremely complicated. This becomes worse once you factor in moving to a new country.

From being able to stay with your sentimental items and private documents to bringing your pets along for the ride, here are a few reasons why we recommend using a private jet to make moving abroad or another part of your current country, easier.

Easily Relocate Pets

It can be a lengthy process to bring your animals along when moving to a new country, travelling on a commercial airline could be distressing for your pet but it doesn’t have to be that way when travelling on a private jet.

You can greatly reduce the health risks associated with the journey by taking your companion on a private jet. This may be particularly useful for very young or older animals who may struggle on a commercial flight. You can fly with your animals relaxing alongside you in the cabin. We can accommodate most of your furry best friends to ensure you all get to your new home refreshed and stress free.

Prevent Damage to Your Belongings

When relocating you’ll need a secure way to bring along important documents and fragile, sentimental items. By choosing to charter a private jet you can fly alongside these items, and you could then transport most of your bulky household furniture via cargo charter.

Your options are unfortunately limited when it comes to traditional methods of transporting valuables. If it is a larger object such as artwork or priceless furniture pieces one of a few options may be to ship via sea freight which is a clunky method taking up to two months in some circumstances.

When necessary, cargo charter is by far the safest way to transport cargo around the world. The entire process is tailor made to suit all our client’s individual needs. With decades of experience our team will ensure that your valuables arrive in one piece to your new home, this includes loading, unloading, and dealing with customs.

Use a Wider Variety of Airports

You can make the journey to your new home even easier by reducing the distance you have to travel to the airport on both ends of the journey. Reducing the time spent traveling to the airport will allow you to focus on other things which may need attending to during the moving process. Your Personal Account Manager will work with you to reduce downtime.

Final thoughts

We will point you in the right direction when it comes to obtaining the correct paperwork to relocate your animals and we’ll make sure everybody knows you’re relocating with your furry friend so that the aircraft crew is equipped to keep your companion comfortable throughout the flight

For relocation flights, we would recommend contacting us with more time to spare than a usual flight. Due to the potential veterinarian visits needed for pet travel, this can take extra time so please request a quote at least a few weeks earlier than you normally would.

Your Personal Account Manager will run through your aircraft options as different-sized planes offer taller or wider cabins. You can also charter a jet with more storage capacity, this makes them better suited for relocation flights.

Contact our 24/7 team today and we will ensure that every small detail is attended to.