Protecting the Environment


Carbon Off Setting Programme

It is an unfortunate fact that the aviation industry has the largest growing carbon emissions by sector in the world. Although commercial air traffic is down by 58.4% since 2019, demand has recovered for the private industry. Even with the pandemic bringing commercial travel to its knees for multiple months, the total number of people who flew in 2021 was still over 2.1 million, compared to 4.4 million in 2019. Protecting the Environment is something we are passionate about at Admiral Jet.

Eco-conscious technology is becoming the way of the future. With climate change and sustainability within the top concerns for the 21st century, it will take serious commitment from airlines in the next decade but there’s no shortage of innovative ideas ready to take hold of our skies.

Sustainable aviation fuel or S.A.F is fuel produced from sustainable feedstocks and gives a reduction of up to 80% in carbon emissions, this is also including emissions within the manufacturing process. S.A.F is currently more costly than traditional fossil fuel but that’s down to the continuing development of new production technologies. As the technology matures, we will see S.A.F become less costly and more beneficial for the environment then traditional Jet fuel. Airports within the UK which currently offer S.A.F are London-Luton and Farnborough Airport (one of our most frequented airports)

CO2 emissions from private jets in Europe increased by nearly a third (31%) between 2005 and 2019, To help reduce our carbon emissions and achieve the industry wide goal of cutting carbon emissions in half, Admiral Jet have introduced a Carbon Offsetting programme in line with our goal of Protecting the Environment. The cost of this programme will be added to the clients’ final invoice although it should be noted that this is completely optional. Clients can also opt to donate further towards this program when booking.

Managing Director David Doughty comments: “Admiral Jet appreciates that aviation is one of the industries which is producing carbon emissions and believe that this new programme which we are introducing is a short-term solution while we all work towards the longer-term goal of electric flight”.

How will the Carbon Offsetting Program work?

Every quarter Admiral jet will purchase carbon credits to offset our flights which will fund programmes focused on creating carbon savings elsewhere. The number of carbon credits required is based on aircraft, distance travelled and fuel burn rates.

Our new Carbon offsetting program will see Admiral Jet changing the way it interacts with our environment. We are hoping to set an example for corporate responsibility within the world of private charter and to lead the way to a healthier future.

Protecting the Environment

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility pledge, we are serious about environmental welfare and Admiral Jet are always on the look out for environmental projects to get involved in. Come back regularly to see our progress on environmental projects.

We encourage employees to engage with the local community. This is through two initiatives. Admiral Jet make a monthly donation for every booking that is made, a member of our team will choose a charity that is important to them.

Our second Initiative is offering one paid day off a year for all employees to volunteer and serve a charity of their choosing.

We are acting on our duty to this planet with extensive recycling scheme, energy conservation and supporting of reforestation activities around the world. We are excited to see where this action can take us and others.