Flying discreetly with Admiral Jet

Flying Discreetly

Your privacy is important to us. That might sound like the kind of thing you’d expect a company to say but we mean it. We appreciate how much trust you place in us when chartering through us and this means we’re committed to safeguarding our clients. From your personal information to your flight details everything is confidential. Choosing to fly private, as you would expect, offers a seamless flying experience. Flying discreetly is paramount to many of our clients. Especially when it comes to your security and that of any other passengers. No matter who you are or where you are going the process of chartering a private jet has never been more streamlined and when you book with Admiral Jet your discretion is ensured.

Another added benefit is forgetting about those endless queues and chaotic airport crowds. Going through security will be a breeze and when you fly private, you’ll skip all the unnecessary stress found in a standard journey.


When you decide to charter through Admiral Jet you are assigned a Personal Account Manager who oversees everything from your quote request to tailoring your onboard experience. We regularly take flight requests from high profile individuals, sports clubs, ultra-high-net-worth individuals and governments alike however you’ll never see us bragging about the details of these journeys.

We believe that our reputation will speak for itself for new and returning clients. From the moment you send a quote request you’re safe with us.

We can arrange a multitude of different measures to ensure your protection. Are you looking for private cars or even a security team? We’ve got you covered.

Most airports which will accommodate private Jets have private lounges available for our clients, this is a part of the service which is important to our clients as you’ll not only have the exclusivity of a private flight with the entire plane to yourself but when you arrive at the airport, you’ll have your own space to unwind before the flight away from the regular stress of a scheduled flight and busy airport terminal.


Without certain information it would be difficult to create a bespoke flight package tailored to your needs. When you choose to charter through Admiral Jet you may have to supply some personal details to your Personal Account Manager such as dietary requirements.

Defining our values

As a company we believe in discretion, privacy, and security for all clients regardless of whether you’ve booked one or twenty flights with us. You are important and your security is a top priority for us. Our 24/7 team are dedicated to adhering these values into our daily interactions with clients just like you. Make the decision today towards chartering the luxurious travel you deserve.


No matter where you are traveling or who you are we will ensure you experience a simple, straightforward, and confidential booking process and then a bespoke flight package to that business meeting or holiday.

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