Midsize and Super Midsize Jets

Midsize and Super Midsize Jets

Compared to light jets, midsize jets offer more room, often with more seats available and extra leg room. Midsize jets could be chartered when you are travelling a medium length flight distance and will be up to the task on any short haul travel you might require.


Beginning with midsize jets, which are perfect for medium to short haul flights. They are reliable and waiting to take you whether you are needing business travel or a luxurious start to your holiday call today and discuss some options with your personal account manager.

  Citation XLS Hawker 800/800XP
Seats Up to 9 Up to 8
Speed 433 Knots 449 Knots
Range 1989nm 2620nm
Luggage Space 80 cubic ft 49 cubic ft
Cabin Height 5 ft 7 In 5 ft 9 In
Cabin Width 5 ft 5 In 6 ft 0In
Cabin Length 18 ft 7 In 21 ft 4 In
Flight Attendant On request On request

Citation XLS

Built by Cessna the Cessna Citation Excel is well established at the top within the private jet industry, being used frequently for business travel you can ensure a professional and well-presented cabin upon arrival. On your flight you’ll find a fully stocked mini bar alongside quality in-flight catering. A flight attendant is available on request, they will be able to tend to any needs your group may have while on board.

Hawker 800/800XP

Available for medium or short haul flights this Jet is in a league of its own and among the most popular business jets in the world, the Hawker 800 is spacious and includes an on-request flight attendant. This Jet will leave any passenger relaxed, well fed, and rested upon arrival and with a 6ft cabin width you won’t be wanting for more room.

Now it’s time to compare the two jets. Both offer on request flight attendants and if storage space is a necessity for you the Citation XLS boasts 80 cubic feet of luggage space compared to the Hawker 800 which has 49 cubic feet for your luggage.

Both jets include ample storage space however there are options in case you shopped a little bit too much on your holiday or if you need to transport equipment there will be the perfect jet for your needs contact us today.

Super Midsize

Now moving on to super midsize jets, there are some excellent options for you to decide from, today we’ll look at two popular jets which can both be ready and waiting for you so call us today and get that luxury treatment you deserve.

  Citation Sovereign Gulfstream 200
Seats Up to 9 Up to 9
Speed 459 Knots 470 Knots
Range 3010nm 3530nm
Luggage Space 100 cubic ft 125 cubic ft
Cabin Height 5 ft 8 In 6 ft 3 In
Cabin Width 5 ft 6 In 7 ft 2 In
Cabin Length 25 ft 3 In 24 ft 4 In
Flight Attendant Yes Yes

Citation Sovereign

The Cessna Citation Sovereign offers anything you could expect from travelling on a charter plane. Providing expert performance while surrounding its passengers in extraordinary luxury.

Developed by Cessna it boasts a modest 100 cubic feet of storage space, with a huge 25ft cabin length. Is a luxury business jet which is part of the Cessna Citation family. With a flight attendant to keep your group well cared for and in-flight catering available what more could anyone need.

Gulfstream 200

Finally considering the Gulfstream 200, it was developed by Israel Aerospace Industries and eventually manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace from 1999 through till 2011 where it remains a staple of the private air travel industry

If you are planning to go shopping on your holiday look no further than the Gulfstream 200, with 125 cubic feet of storage space you’re assured of an easy flight and on arrival the peace of mind knowing your luggage will be well taken care of. There will be a flight attendant taking care of your group the whole flight so rest easy and arrive refreshed.

The differences between these two planes are minimal and both give a luxurious experience however if you are looking for that little bit of extra storage you might look towards chartering a gulf stream which offers 25 cubic feet more of storage. Both flights have attendants ready to assist your group.

Charter a flight with Admiral Jet today and we will ensure that your every need will be taken care of, from A to B and back we will be there every step of the way.