Dream Homes in St Tropez and Courchevel

Beautiful St Tropez Villa

In keeping with our promise of a guaranteed a five-star service, Admiral Jet enjoys collaborating with and showcasing like-minded luxury brands who can offer you inspirational, exciting and creative ways to spend your precious free time.

We are very pleased to be partnering with RDV Luxe Real Estate based in St Tropez.

This is a specialist Real Estate Broker specialising in properties in 3 beautiful areas – St Tropez, Courchevel and Paris.

Check out the links below to see some of their amazing properties.



The owner, Dorothee is extremely passionate about what she does, and will find you the perfect property for your needs.  She knows both Paris and St Tropez inside out, having been born in the capital and now lives in “the real” St Tropez.  Dorothee understands how important finding the right property is to allowing you to live the life you want.  Speaking English, French and Russian, she can help you navigate the market and the sales or rental process perfectly.

If you’d like to speak to Dorothee about any of the properties you can contact her via the link below:


For a Private Jet flight or Helicopters when viewing these properties in Paris, St Tropez or Courchevel contact our team.

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