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Flying with a Baby on a Private Jet – All the info

Traveling with an infant can be a stressful experience, especially when you’re flying on a commercial flight. From packing the right supplies to ensuring your baby’s safety and comfort, there are many factors to consider. Thinking of Flying on a Private Jet with a baby? Here are some tips for making your private jet journey with your baby as stress-free as possible.

Choose the Right Aircraft

When flying with an infant, it’s important to choose the right aircraft for your needs. Consider the size of the aircraft and how much space you will need for all of your supplies and luggage. Our team of experts are on hand with their knowledge to give recomendations of the types of aircraft that will suit your needs.  If you’re traveling with more than one adult, look for an aircraft that has enough seating so everyone can sit together comfortably. Additionally, we will make sure that the aircraft has enough room for any car seats or strollers that you may be bringing along.

On board

Infants come with their own set of unique luggage. Flying by private jet makes your experience so much easier and streamlined. Arrive at the terminal and board your flight quickly without long waits through uncomfortable, busy loud terminals. We’ll make sure your on board journey is completely stress free too. Larger jets will have facillities such as a microwave so milk or food could be warmed whilst in the air. The team can also arrange bespoke catering so let us  know what your baby or child likes and we will ensure this is on board.

Prepare your baby

Before taking off on your private jet journey with your baby, make sure they are prepared for takeoff and landing. During takeoff and landing, babies often experience ear pain due to changes in air pressure inside the cabin. To help alleviate this discomfort, give them something to suck on such as a bottle or pacifier during these times. Additionally, try swaddling them in a blanket or having them lay down on their stomachs during takeoff and landing as this can help reduce ear pain as well.

Stay Calm

Flying on a Private Jet is a hugely relaxing experience. Forget the stresses of commercial flights and sink into your comfortable, luxurious seat and enjoy your flight. The calm relaxing atmosphere on board makes the flight experience with little ones completely different. Their comfort is paramount and everything they could want or need is within easy reach.

Thinking of flying on a Private Jet with a baby soon?

Contact the team for a quotation, we’ll make sure all your needs are taken care of and your precious baby has everything they need for a comfortable, enjoyable flight for their first travels