Flying by Private Jet to Mykonos, Ibiza, Naples, Split: What You Need to Know

Flying by Private Jet to Mykonos, Ibiza, Naples, Split: What You Need to Know

Flying by private jet is an excellent way to travel, especially when visiting popular holiday destinations like Mykonos, Ibiza, Naples, and Split.  While it offers many advantages, flying on a private jet to these destinations has some specific challenges relating to the busier seasons and availability of summer airport slots.

Read on and we will explain how we can make your private jet travel experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Summer Airport Slots

Airport slots are one of the biggest challenges when flying to Mykonos, Ibiza, Naples, and Split as they are very popular summer destinations by private jet, and the airports become very busy. Regardless of the aircraft operator you use, it is often challenging to get slots at convenient times.

These slots are non-negotiable and not necessarily given in what you may consider a logical order by the airport. However all of the airport traffic is being managed and accommodated in the best possible way.

As a result, you will either need to be flexible and prepared to adjust your plans to work within the airport slots we are allocated, or else we can offer work around solutions, that get you point to point, but stay within your preferred timings.

Private Jet to Mykonos

In Mykonos, for example, you can only land for a maximum of 25 minutes, and private jet parking space is not given.  This makes it impossible to operate a private jet in or out, unless it’s a fairly short flight meaning the aircraft has no need to refuel, as refuelling would not be possible within the allocated 25 minutes.

However, we do have solutions for this.

  • For instance, we would suggest you fly to Athens, and we would have a helicopter waiting on the tarmac, ready to take you swiftly to Mykonos.
  • Helicopters generally do not need slots and can land on the designated helipad at the destination airport without the same formalities as required by a private jet.

You can take minimal luggage on a helicopter, but if you don’t travel light we would also transfer your luggage by road and ferry for you, arriving the same day – so long as we are in time for the last ferry at 6pm.

Flying to Ibiza by Private Jet – Securing Your Summer Airport Slots

Ibiza is another airport where getting a slot can be challenging.  In the summer months, the airport is very busy, and there are limited landing slots available.

  • The best way to secure a slot is to book as early as possible, preferably months in advance.
  • If you are flexible with your travel dates and can land early or late, it increases your chances of getting a slot.

No private aircraft parking is permitted in summer, so if you are taking a return flight over 2 days, your aircraft cannot wait in Ibiza, and will have to re-position into the airport when you are ready to leave the island.

The same considerations have to be made for Naples and Split airports.  However, don’t let this put you off.  We will find the ideal solution for your flight, whether that is by being flexible with slot times, or taking a more relaxed approach and flying into a close by airport then taking a helicopter to your final destination.

Private Jet to Split in Summer

Split is another airport where getting a slot can be challenging, especially during peak season. However, the airport has recently upgraded its facilities and can now handle more private jets. The best way to secure a slot is to book early and be flexible. Alternatively, you can consider nearby airports like Dubrovnik, which is only an hour’s drive away, and has fewer landing restrictions.

In Summary:

Flying by private jet is the most luxurious way to travel to holiday destinations.

We can help you overcome the challenges of busy summer traffic, especially when it comes to summer airport slots.  The key to a smooth and enjoyable private jet travel experience is to plan early, be flexible on timings to work with slot allocations, and understand that any backup plan we offer will work out better than hoping you will be offered the perfect slot.

With the tips and tricks discussed in this post, you can explore Mykonos, Ibiza, Naples, and Split with ease and comfort.