Private Jet Flights to and from Mykonos

Mykonos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea known for its summer vibes, beaches, world-renowned dance club scene and heritage sites. The island is the ideal place for partygoers and families alike. It developed popularity throughout the 1960s and 70s and is still a welcome and fun place for all who visit.

Fly to Mykonos With Admiral Jet

It takes almost 5 hours to fly from London to Mykonos through commercial flights. However, with Admiral Jet, you can arrive in less than 4 hours, direct from your nearest airport to Mykonos. You can also travel as and when you like – no need to fight through the crowds or queue in long lines.

Mykonos airport is centrally located just a 10-minute drive away from the centre of town. There are plenty of options for your hotel and accommodation choices.

Quintessential Greek Towns

Being an island, you’ll be impressed with the whitewashed buildings that have become synonymous with Greek towns. There are photo opportunities galore, with the real focus of the towns being the stunning Aegean Sea. Spend your time meandering through the picturesque streets, with the warm Mediterranean sun and plenty of cool shade, to find unique spots within Mykonos.

Delicious (And Healthy) Cuisine

There’s something for everyone in Mykonos; whether you’re searching for authentic Greek food or a high-end dining experience, you’ll find restaurants to suit your tastes. You can find classics such as Moussaka, gyros or pastitsio and some food that you’ll only ever find on the island of Mykonos – Kopanisti (a spicy cheese), or the pork dish, louza. You can also expect to find a large variety of freshly caught seafood.

Unique Shopping Experience

For you shop lovers out there, Mykonos is a shoppers paradise, cave-like boutiques, limitless markets and an array of fashion designers; you’ll fall in love with Mykonos. There are plenty of jewellery shops for you to choose from, too, as well as plenty of locally designed pieces that are unique to you.

Ancient Greece

Mykonos island is ideally situated to take tours across the sea to nearby islands such as Delos. The Island of Delos is well-known for being the birthplace of the mythical Greek God Apollo. Its crystal clear waters are perfect for a warm and peaceful midday swim. Once you’re done here, you can go on an archaeological tour of Cleopatra’s house and see the Agora of the Italians.

Top Tips for Traveling to Mykonos

Beaches Galore

Mykonos is surrounded by beaches, many of which are naturally sheltered by headlands and bays. You can enjoy topping up your suntan or spend the afternoon performing tricks with one of the many watersports on offer.

Near Year-Round Sun

The best time to visit Mykonos is before the summer crowds flock here. If you can get to the island before June, you’ll benefit from the quieter beaches, fewer queues, and still be able to do everything you want, the same as in the peak season.

Relax in Little Venice

The houses here were built on the water and is reminiscent of Venice, Italy. Little Venice is a lovely place to visit, relax and eat whilst soaking in the postcard-ready views.