The stunning city is located in the southern region of Croatia. Lying on the beautiful Adriatic sea, it features some of the mot breathtaking views in Europe. With its winding cobblestone streets, ancient fortifications, and striking red-roofed buildings, this unique Mediterranean metropolis will no doubt leave a lasting impression. A visit to Dubrovnik can be made even more enjoyable with five unforgettable experiences, listed below!

  • Hike up Mount Srđ: Climb to the top of Mount Srđ for spectacular views over both Dubrovnik and nearby Naples. You’ll also have an amazing perspective on the Old Town and its architecture from this vantage point.


  • Go on a boat tour: Enjoy the city’s pristine coastal landscape by going on a guided boat tour. Cruise around and explore some of the many islands situated off Dubrovnik’s coast, marveling at the unique landscapes each one has to offer.


  • Visit Lokrum Island: Just 600 meters offshore from Dubrovnik is beautiful Lokrum Island, famed for its gorgeous botanical gardens and crystal clear waters. Take time to relax in one of the many tranquil coves dotted around the island or simply take in the stunning views while walking along its scenic pathways.


  • Explore Old Town: Step back in time as you explore Dubrovnik’s iconic Old Town, which dates back to the 7th century. Wander around the medieval city walls, admire its grand palaces, and take in the atmosphere of this living museum.


  • Relax at Banje Beach: Unwind on one of Dubrovnik’s most popular beaches, located just outside of Old Town. With its white sands, sapphire waters, and picturesque backdrop, you can easily spend an entire day here basking in the sunshine.

No matter what experiences you choose while visiting Dubrovnik, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time! So grab your passport and head off to explore this incredible Adriatic paradise today for an experience that will stay with you forever! Get in touch with the team.