Explore the vibrant city of Naples and experience the best it has to offer by visiting its top attractions. From museums and monuments to parks and cathedrals, there’s something for everyone in this magnificent Italian destination. Here are five must-do activities during your trip that will give you an incredible insight into what makes Naples so special:

  • Visit the Royal Palace of Naples – This grand palace, also known as Palazzo Reale, is a stunning example of Baroque architecture full of art, history and culture. Take a guided tour and explore its many beautiful chambers including the Hall of Mirrors, one of the most impressive rooms in Europe.


  • Climb Mount Vesuvius – A hike up Italy’s famous volcano gives you an unbeatable view of the Bay of Naples, as well as a unique insight into its geological history. Keep your eyes peeled for signs of recent eruptions too; this is still an active volcano!


  • Wander through Castel dell’Ovo – Believed to be built on the ruins of Virgil’s palace, this 11th century castle was once home to a variety of powerful noble families. Nowadays, it houses numerous artworks and sculptures and is one of the most visited attractions in Naples.


  • Visit the Catacombs – Descend deep below the streets for fascinating tours around some of Italy’s oldest underground burial sites. Learn about burial practices from centuries gone by and see some of the amazing frescoes that still adorn their walls.


  • Taste Neapolitan cuisine – No trip to Naples would be complete without sampling the local cuisine, from world-famous Neapolitan pizza to mouth-watering desserts such as sfogliatelle and babà. Be sure to save some room for gelato!

With its rich culture, impressive architecture and unique specialities, Naples offers something for everyone. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, make sure you experience all it has to offer during your stay – you won’t regret it! Contact the team to plan your trip to Naples landing at Naples Airport. Check out our guide to visiting Naples in the summer by Private Jet