Choosing the right Private Jet

Choosing the right jet for your trip – when to size up

Choosing the right private jet is crucial. Private jets come in different sizes and types, each with its own advantages and limitations. While lighter jets are popular for their cost-effectiveness and versatility, there are times when a larger aircraft is a better choice. In this blog post, we will discuss the circumstances when sizing up your aircraft will be offer a more comfortable trip for you and your guests.

Longer Distances and Non-Stop Flights

If you need to travel long distances, longer than 5 hours for example, a larger aircraft will be essential. For instance, if you are flying from New York to Dubai, you will need to fly for at least 13 hours. Heavy or long-range jets can handle those distances without refuelling, while a lighter jet cannot. For instance, a Gulfstream G650ER can travel up to 7,500 nautical miles, making it ideal for long haul travel. We prefer our clients to travel with as little fuel stops as possible, increasing overall travel efficiency.

Large Group Travel

For large group travel, a heavier aircraft is a better choice than a lighter aircraft. A super midsize or heavy jet can accommodate more passengers and offer more space compared to lighter jets. For example, a Bombardier Challenger 600 can accommodate up to 13 passengers while a Gulfstream G600 can accommodate up to 19 passengers. A larger jet also provides more privacy and comfort for the passengers, allowing you to work or rest during the flight.

Heavy Luggage or Cargo

If you need to transport heavy luggage or cargo, a larger aircraft will be necessary. A lighter jet has a limited baggage capacity and weight limit, making it unsuitable for carrying heavy luggage or cargo. A heavy jet or long-range jet, on the other hand, has in turn a larger baggage capacity, allowing you to carry more luggage or cargo. For example, a Bombardier Challenger 850 can carry up to 24 pieces of luggage, while a Gulfstream G650ER can carry up to 16 pieces of luggage. This is something to bear in mind if relocating for example and you want to keep your precious possessions close with you.

Comfort and Amenities

Super midsize and heavy jets offer a higher level of comfort and amenities compared to lighter jets. They usually have larger cabins with more space to move around and more comfortable seating. A larger jet also offers a quieter and smoother ride, reducing fatigue during the flight. Many heavy jets also come equipped with amenities such as Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, private bedrooms, and conference rooms, making them ideal for long flights and business travel. When speaking with your personal account manager, let them know what your priorities are, if it’s space, certain facilities or even a certain aircraft type. We’ll work with this to deliver your perfect trip.

Choosing a Private Jet

At Admiral Jet we will never send you an aircraft option that is unsuitable. We’ll only send you the best options and aircraft we’d be happy to fly on ourselves. We take everything into consideration when sending your options of Private Jets to choose from to provide you with the best experience possible.