Chambéry Airport

A VIP Experience at Chambéry Airport

Flying into Chambéry Airport is a truly exceptional experience, especially when you’re traveling by private jet. With its state-of-the-art facilities and prime location near some of the most renowned ski resorts in the French Alps. Chambéry Airport offers the ultimate blend of luxury and convenience.


The airport is located in the heart of the French Alps, making it an ideal access point for the region’s most popular ski resorts. One of the key advantages of Chambéry Airport is the ability of private jets to bypass the crowds and long wait times at commercial airports. Additionally, the airport has an FBO (fixed-base operator) that caters specifically to private jets with premium services such as catering, private lounges, and other amenities that create a luxurious and seamless travel experience.

If you’re travelling with luggage, you’ll be pleased to know that this airport has an efficient baggage handling system that delivers your bags quickly and securely. The airport’s newly-refurbished terminal building caters to all the needs of private jet passengers with luxurious amenities, including VIP lounges, upscale boutiques and high-end restaurants.

Chambéry Airport is the ultimate gateway, perfect for anyone wanting to arrive in comfort and style. With its stylish ambiance and modern facilities, all travelers are sure to begin their trip off on the right foot.

Ski and snow

Lastly, this airport is conveniently located just a short distance from some of the most popular ski resorts in the French Alps. Namely Courcheval, La Plagne, and Meribel. All of these resorts are renowned for their stunning scenery, exceptional ski slopes, and top-notch facilities. Chambéry airport offers a luxurious way to arrive, with private transport and limousine services available for your trip.

Chambéry Airport is a perfect airport for those wanting to arrive in style and enjoy an exceptional VIP experience, placed ideally to access some of the best skiing in the region. With its state-of-the-art facilities, premium services, and convenient location near some of the best ski resorts in the French Alps, it’s the perfect gateway to this stunning region of France. Whether you’re an executive, a travel manager, or a personal assistant, Chambery Airport provides the ultimate travel experience for those who value luxury and convenience.