Introducing Our Dedicated Customer Care Team

We are thrilled to introduce our new Customer Care Team.

Admiral Jet is committed to delivering exceptional service, and gaining valuable feedback from all of our valued customers is of primary importance. To further enhance our commitment to providing a smooth 5 star service.

Our Proactive Customer Care

Our Customer Care Team has a singular purpose: to proactively gain feedback from our customers. Your comments and insights into your experience of flying with us are the cornerstone of our development and improvement.  Now we hope to make the feedback process even easier.

By establishing this dedicated team, we aim to create a direct line of communication to fully understand your experience of our services.

To ensure an unbiased and genuine approach to gathering feedback, our new Customer Care Team operates independently of our commercial teams and Account Managers, eliminating all potential conflicts of interest, and providing customers with a space to share their thoughts openly and honestly.

By maintaining this distinction, we are reinforcing our commitment to putting our customers at the forefront of our business strategy.

For Admiral Jet, customer feedback is about understanding the overall customer journey and identifying areas where we can enhance or add to our services.

If you receive a call from our Customer Care Team, please expect a friendly and open conversation. Our team members will enquire about your recent interactions with Admiral Jet, seeking to understand what worked well and where we can make improvements. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to provide suggestions and highlight any areas where you believe we can excel further.

Positive Impact on Our Services

The insights gathered through these courtesy calls will be instrumental in shaping the future of our processes and services. By actively listening to our customers, we can implement changes that enhance the overall customer experience.

As a business, we are growing, which means keeping focused on building a strong, responsive, and customer-centric company that excels in every way we can.