Private Jet Flights to and from Chambéry

Chambery city


Are you planning your next business/leisure trip? How about considering Chambéry, France? It’s a historic city located in the eastern part of the country, famous for its stunning castles, preserved 16th-century architecture, delicious food, and picturesque views.

Chateau des Ducs de Savoie

The first attraction on our list is Chateau des Ducs de Savoie. This 13th-century castle is located in the heart of Chambrey, and it’s a must-visit place for history enthusiasts. The castle has been renovated over the years, but its original medieval features have been kept intact. You can explore various parts of the castle, including the towers, chambers, and corridors. Additionally, the castle houses two museums; the Fine Arts Museum and the Savoyard Museum, exhibiting impressive artworks and artifacts.

Explore the Old Town

Chambrey’s old town is like a time capsule. It’s a pedestrian area with cobbled streets, pastel-colored buildings, and traditional storefronts. The old town is full of charming cafes, restaurants, art galleries, and boutique shops. One of the notable landmarks in the old town is the Sainte-Chapelle, a 15th-century Gothic chapel, famous for its intricate stained glass windows. Spend an afternoon exploring the old town, and don’t forget to try some of the local delicacies like Tartiflette and diots sausage.


For a luxurious and sophisticated skiing experience near Chambéry, there are several exquisite ski resorts to choose from. Here are some of the closest ski resorts to Chambéry:

  • Alpe d’Huez: Known for its breathtaking views and diverse slopes, Alpe d’Huez is one of the nearest ski resorts to Chambéry Airport. It offers a wide range of skiing opportunities for all skill levels.
  • Chamonix: Located within reach from Chambéry, Chamonix is famous for its challenging slopes and stunning scenery. It provides an exceptional ski experience with the majestic Mont Blanc massif as a backdrop.
  • La Plagne: Situated in the Tarentaise Valley, La Plagne is easily accessible from Chambéry. This ski resort offers a vast ski area with various terrains and activities suitable for skiers of all abilities.
  • Courchevel. With a transfer time of approximately 1.5 hours, Courchevel is another top-notch ski resort near Chambéry. It provides a luxurious and exclusive skiing experience, catering to discerning travelers.
  • Megève: Just an hour away from Chambéry, Megève is a charming ski resort renowned for its elegance and sophistication. It offers excellent skiing conditions and a picturesque village atmosphere.

These ski resorts near Chambéry boast high-quality service, expertise, and exclusivity, providing an unforgettable private jet travel experience. The convenient proximity to Chambéry Airport allows for seamless travel arrangements, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey

Chambéry truly is a hidden gem. It’s a city where you can indulge in history, culture, food, and outdoor activities, the city has so much to offer. If you’re looking for a vacation that’s different from the usual tourist spots, consider visiting. You’re garenteed you’ll fall in love with its charm and uniqueness. Book your trip now and experience the best of Chambéry.