Athens Travel Guide

The historic city of Athens, Greece is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world and is ideal for travellers looking to immerse themselves in ancient culture alongside modern elegance. In this blog post, we will explore the top attractions to visit in Athens, as well as provide information on transfer distances to other nearby destinations and countries. We will also highlight the airports suitable for landing by private jet in Athens.

Attractions in Athens

There are countless attractions to visit in Athens. But no itinerary is complete without visiting the Acropolis Museum which features a breathtaking view of the Acropolis. Here, you can appreciate the history of this city while also enjoying the beauty of the museum’s contemporary architecture. Additionally, the National Archaeological Museum is a must-visit attraction, with its extensive collection of ancient artefacts and centuries of history. These two attractions are essential to any Athens itinerary when it comes to appreciating this city’s rich history.

For those interested in nature, a walk around the National Gardens is recommended. Located inside the city, this green oasis offers unique flora and fauna that will make nature-lovers appreciate the beauty of Greece. The Benaki Museum, located in the Kolonaki neighbourhood, truly reflects the authentic Greek culture with magnificent collections of artwork from Greece’s ancient, medieval, and modern periods.

Apart from exploratory tours, the city is home to high-end fashion boutiques around the historic Athens neighborhoods that offer international designer labels and a wide variety of luxury brands. Moreover, the vibrant city centre is filled with Michelin star restaurants that offer Greek cuisine blended with international flavors. Take dinner at the rooftop Galaxy Bar and Restaurant, with views of the Parthenon, while enjoying a signature cocktail.

Around Athens

Athens is not only rich in culture, but it is also an ideal starting point for other notable destinations. Whether you want to take a private jet to Mykonos or Santorini for a luxurious beach experience or take a ferryboat to the famous island of Crete, Athens serves as the perfect base to for a trip. For those who prefer an adventurous trip, there are daily flights to Italy, Turkey, and other European countries from Athens International Airport.

Speaking of Athens International Airport, it has two terminals, one for commercial flights, and the other one is dedicated to private jet travellers. The Athens Executive Aviation Terminal serves the finest quality services and amenities for private jet travellers, with personalised check-in, security, and VIP executive lounges. Make sure to check which terminal your flight is departing from when making your travel arrangements.

Athens is not just about great architecture and history; it is about an extraordinary journey that weaves cultural interests with the luxury, world-class cuisine, and stunning destinations for any high-end traveller. Private jet travellers can choose to arrive at the Athens International Airport, where their flight experience will meet impeccable standards. With perfect access to popular destinations and luxurious experiences, Athens should be on the top of your list of travel destinations, waiting to be explored.