Private Jet Flights to and from Crete

Crete is the Mediterranean’s fifth-largest island and the birthplace of the oldest civilisation in Europe. Located 683.8 km (425 miles) south of mainland Greece, the weather and climate make this the ideal getaway for couples, families, groups and businesses.

Flying Private Charter Jet To Crete With Admiral Jet

Book your private charter jet to Crete with Admiral Jet, and you will arrive in style. There are three airports that you can travel to, depending on where in the island you want to visit:

  • Chania International Airport is perfect for those visiting Chania. This is perfect for you if you want to spend time on the West side of the island.
  • Heraklion International Airport and the city that gives the airport its name is central to the entire island.
  • Sitia Public Airport is located on the East side of the island. Being smaller, this airport provides a more personalised service that will make you feel welcome.

Hiking Through Crete

Crete is a walkers paradise with a range of trails that take you along the beaches, through the alpine forests and mountainous inland. No matter your fitness level, these trails are a fantastic way to see the islands’ natural beauty. Crete’s Great Walks will take you through some of the most well-known locations, helping you to discover a new side to Crete that you may never have thought of.


Being the birthplace of the oldest European civilisation, Crete has a history spanning almost 5,000 years. There are archaeological sites dotted around the island, showcasing the culture of the Bronze Age. Experience the myths of Ancient Greece through the eyes of the Minoans.

This ancient island was also heavily influenced by Turkish architecture and stunning Venetian ports, walls, and fortresses that you can still see today.

Take a Culinary Tour of the Old Town

The best way to experience a culture is through your stomach. The flavours in Crete are simple but delicious. Experience the traditional breakfast of Crete, the honey, bread, cheeses, and extra virgin olive oil produced on the island. For your evening meals, you can’t miss out on the sublime meze and raki that can be found in the traditional Turkish neighbourhood of Splantzia.

Top tips when visiting

Eat Where the Locals Eat

“When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do”. In Crete, you should follow this advice if you want to find the secret treasures tucked away from the popular tourist areas. You’ll find the best service, friendliest welcomes, and the best food you will ever taste.

Be Patient.

Like many Mediterranean islands, Crete is the perfect getaway for spending time relaxing and unwinding. The people here are more relaxed and like to take their time completing tasks. It’s not unlikely that a “quick” meal out can take hours here, so practice being patient and truly enjoy your surroundings.

Shoppers Paradise

It may surprise you, but shopping is a big past-time in Crete. So much so that the locals hold sales throughout the year. The best time to catch these sales is January, May, and October. The deals don’t just happen in the big shopping malls either – visit the local markets to pick up a great bargain!