Admiral Jet's 2023 Flight Log: A Year of Growth and Success ending in some Festive Fun!

As we taxi down the runway and bid farewell to 2023, we are looking back at a year that soared with accomplishments, connections, and memorable moments.  Here is a rundown of Admiral Jet’s 2023!

We have Sky-High Gratitude

This year, Admiral Jet soared to new heights of gratitude. We extend heartfelt thanks to our valued clients, partners, and team members who made 2023 an extraordinary chapter in our journey. Your trust and support have been the wind beneath our wings.

Following our ISO Certification and Chartered Broker Qualifications in 2022, our company has grown in many ways.  With robust procedures, a new customer service department and new colleagues joining both our sales and marketing teams, we are set for a bright 2024

Jet-Set Journeys – Admiral Jet’s 2023 Adventures

Throughout the year, Admiral Jet played a role in creating memorable moments for our clients. From whisking families away to tropical paradises to transporting you swiftly to business events and meetings, our private jets transformed ordinary trips into extraordinary experiences.

Making travel relaxing, so that you were ready to take on the day.

Spreading Smiles Beyond the Sky

We didn’t stop at the clouds! Admiral Jet sprinkled a little extra joy on the ground by getting involved in heartwarming community initiatives.

We have donated over £14,000 to various charities, local, national and international, put shirts on the backs of Margate youth football team, helped with donations at foodbanks and made sure that through some amazing charities, people and animals have benefitted from our choices.

In the true spirit of Christmas, Admiral Jet is donating to Crisis this month, enabling 25 people to have a safe place to stay, some friendly faces and a Christmas Dinner.  We are proud to support all of the causes we have chosen throughout 2023.  And we hope that our endeavours have made a positive impact.

Here’s to Valued Connections and Toasts to Tomorrow

Reflecting on business this year, it has been competitive.  We set ourselves some tough targets and we are meeting them through strategy, hard work, and customer focus.

Amidst the Christmas lights and festive cheer, Admiral Jet is celebrating the bonds forged and connections deepened.  Our team is raising a glass to you, the successes we have made, and the exciting challenges that lie ahead in the coming year.  Admiral Jet’s 2023 has put us in a good place for the future.

Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Successful Sky-Scraping New Year!

May the Christmas season fill your hearts with peace, and the spirit of adventure.

As we anticipate the arrival of a new year, Admiral Jet is excited to continue being your preferred travel partner.

Here’s to the promise of a bright and prosperous New Year. Happy travels from the Admiral Jet family!