Your Private Jet from London to Rome

A Journey of Unparalleled Luxury: London Farnborough to Rome by Private Jet

When it comes to luxury travel, the allure lies in the details and personalised experiences that transform a simple trip into an unforgettable voyage. For the discerning traveler, nothing epitomises this more than a private jet journey from London Farnborough to the eternal city of Rome, where history, culture, and modern luxury blend seamlessly.

Aircraft Options

Depending on your requirements, we’ll offer the most suitable and comfortable aircraft for your needs. A couple of our most popular jets flying to Rome from London Farnborough are the Citation XLS and the Citation CJ2.

The biggest selling private jet in the world, the Citation XLS is a firm favourite with VIP travellers for its great onboard facilities, reliability and comfort. As well as a well-stocked mini bar and quality in-flight catering, you can expect a comfortable, easy ride from one of the highest performing planes in its field, along with ample space for up to 9 passengers and luggage.

The CJ2 Cessna have always been known for their outstanding private jets, but when the CJ2 came along it was a real game changer. Bigger, faster and higher performing than the charter industry had ever seen before, it’s a favourite with those who like a five star touch, complete with a fully equipped on board bar. This is business travel at its best for up to 6 passengers.

Departing from London Farnborough

Your adventure begins at London Farnborough, known for its exclusive terminals and sophisticated amenities that cater exclusively to the luxury traveler. Farnborough stands out for its privacy, efficiency, and unparalleled service, ensuring your departure is as smooth as possible. Here, the hustle of commercial airports is replaced by tranquility and personal attention. Before boarding, indulge in a glass of champagne and relax!.

Tailoring Your In-flight Experience

The essence of private jet travel is the ability to customise every aspect of your journey. From gourmet dining curated by top chefs to a selection of fine wines and entertainment options, every detail is meticulously crafted to suit your preferences. Communicate your desires in advance, and watch as your flight transforms into a bespoke haven of luxury, miles above the rest of the world.

Arriving in Rome Ciampino Airport

Upon touching down in Rome, the heart of history beats a rhythm of timeless elegance. Here, the past and the present dance in harmony, offering experiences that resonate with the soul of the luxury traveller.

Suggested 3 day itinerary for exploring and enjoying Rome

Day 1: Explore Ancient Rome


  • Start your day with a visit to the Colosseum, the iconic symbol of Rome’s ancient glory. Arrive early to beat the crowds.
  • Explore the nearby Roman Forum, once the heart of the ancient city, where you can see ruins of temples, basilicas, and government buildings.


  • Head to a nearby trattoria for a taste of authentic Roman cuisine. Choose some classic dishes like carbonara or cacio e pepe.


  • Visit the Palatine Hill, where Rome’s emperors once lived. Enjoy panoramic views of the city and explore the ruins of imperial palaces.
  • Walk to the nearby Circus Maximus, the ancient chariot racing stadium.


  • Stroll to the Capitoline Hill and visit the Capitoline Museums, home to a vast collection of ancient art and artifacts.
  • Enjoy dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Roman Forum, soaking in the ambiance of ancient Rome by night.

Day 2: Vatican City and Renaissance Rome


  • Spend the morning exploring Vatican City. Visit St. Peter’s Basilica and marvel at its stunning architecture and artworks, including Michelangelo’s Pietà.
  • Explore the Vatican Museums, home to one of the world’s greatest art collections, including the Sistine Chapel.


  • Enjoy lunch at a cafe near the Vatican or grab some pizza to go and have a picnic in nearby Piazza Navona.


  • Walk to the Pantheon, a marvel of ancient engineering and the best-preserved ancient Roman temple.
  • Explore the picturesque streets of the historic centre, stopping to admire landmarks like the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.


  • Visit Piazza del Popolo and climb the Pincian Hill for panoramic views of the city at sunset.
  • Enjoy dinner at a traditional Roman trattoria in the charming neighborhood of Trastevere.

Day 3: Baroque Rome and Hidden Gems


  • Begin your day with a visit to the fabulous Galleria Borghese, home to a magnificent collection of Baroque art, including works by Bernini and Caravaggio. Be sure to book tickets in advance.
  • Take a leisurely stroll through the Villa Borghese Gardens, a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city.


  • Have lunch at a local cafe or trattoria near the Spanish Steps, savoring more delicious Roman cuisine.


  • Explore the charming neighborhood of Monti, known for its narrow cobblestone streets and eclectic boutiques.
  • Visit the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, one of the four major basilicas in Rome, renowned for its stunning mosaics.


  • Head off the beaten path to the lesser-known neighborhood of Testaccio, known for its vibrant street art scene and lively atmosphere.
  • End your day with a farewell dinner at a traditional Roman osteria, toasting to your unforgettable time in the Eternal City.

A private jet from London Farnborough to Rome offers more than just a trip; it is a gateway to experiences that define the very essence of luxury travel. From the moment you depart to the final toast under the Roman sky, every detail is an ode to excellence, designed to satisfy those who seek the extraordinary. To book your next trip from London Farnborough to Rome – contact the team.