What Are the Protocols for Flying Private After COVID-19?

What Are the Protocols for Flying Private After COVID-19?

If we’re being honest with you, we’ve missed you. This break was a nightmare for us, you were all we thought about! We’re so glad that COVID-19 has settled down enough we can begin to think about flying again.

Now obviously, your health and safety, along with that of our own staff, has always been our top priority. In the wake of a highly contagious and dangerous virus, we’ve had to adjust our policies accordingly for flying with you.

Let’s look at what changes we’ve decided to implement.

Pre-Flight Checks

From the moment you get in touch to book a private flight, our new policies are in effect. We’ve made it our mission to be as safe as we can, and the following changes will go in effect to help with this.

We will make sure we ask you whether or not you’re displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, and may even check with you the day before your flight to make sure everything is okay. All our staff will be getting regular tests to make sure that they aren’t displaying any symptoms either – we won’t take any risks with either our staff or clients health.

During Your Flight

When you arrive for your flight, we’ll be ready to help you safely enter the jet. There will be masks provided for you during the flight, and you will need to wash your hands with the facilities before you sit down.

During the flight, we aim to operate on a socially distanced basis. We will still provide you with everything that you need, but will also try and keep a safe distance away when you don’t need us.

If you want something, all you need to do is give us a shout, but it’s important we socially distance at this time.

After Your Flight

 It may be the case that we are going to be the ones to come back and pick you up when you want to come home, so we’ve put procedures in place for that as well.

When you’ve left to enjoy your holiday, we will make sure to wipe down surfaces and disinfect the entire interior to prevent the buildup of bacteria. Door handles, tables, chairs – anywhere that might be a potential issue. We take our responsibilities very seriously, which is why we do what we can to protect you during these difficult times.

In conclusion, we know how important security can be for you and it is why we actively work hard to make sure that you don’t have any issues. We know that COVID-19 has made people a lot more aware of the potential issues which might come from being around others, and we want to help settle those fears down for you. Everything that we do is to make sure you and our team are as safe as possible.

If you have any concerns, please do feel free to talk to us. We’re more than happy to talk you through any concerns you may have until you are completely comfortable.