The Top Warmest Holiday Destinations to Visit in December

The Top Warmest Holiday Destinations to Visit in December

Warm Decemeber destinations

Are you looking for a break from the chilly winter weather? Perhaps, you’re in search of warm sandy beaches, a picturesque location with captivating landscapes, or an alfresco dining experience. In this blog post, we will explore 3 of the most luxurious warm December destinations—complete with temperatures and highlights of the destinations. We will also recommend the best airport to land in, especially when traveling by private jet. So sit back, relax, and start planning your next getaway!


Hawaii is one of the warmest places and top-rated destinations for travel enthusiasts. The average temperature in December is 25C or 77F, the perfect weather for sun tanning, swimming and other outdoor activities. It is known for its enchanting beaches, surfing, and perfect sunsets, making it a dream location for honeymooners and vacationers alike. Aside from the beaches, Hawaii has incredible waterfalls, lush tropical rainforests, and scenic hiking trails. What’s more luxurious than private access to the Big Island via KOA Kona Airport to have the best experience Hawaii has to offer. Your personal account manager will advise you on where in the USA is the best place for a stopover and the next flight over to Hawaii.

Cancun, Mexico

Another go-to warm destination is Cancun, Mexico. With an average temperature of 27C or 80F, this location is perfect for family vacations and an intimate getaway. For tourists, Cancun offers the best of both worlds – you can enjoy the tropical weather and still soak up some Mexican culture. Cancun boasts some of the best beaches, stretched with sugary white sand and turquoise blue waters. Not to forget, it has an array of experiences from zip-lining to Mayan pyramid trekking. Cancun has a private airport, Cancun International, which means passengers can avoid busy airports and enjoy privacy without worrying about waiting in lines. With a direct private jet flight from London, you can fly in luxury and touch down in Cancun in less than 10 hours.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is the last destination on our list, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. South Africa is bursting with lively culture, wonderful hospitality, world-renowned wine, and soulful music. Furthermore, its December average temperature reaches a maximum of 25C or 77F, making it a great warm December destination. Cape Town is surrounded by miles of white sandy beaches, stunning scenic drives and the iconic Table Mountain for trekkers. It has a private airport – Cape Town International, allowing for a 12-hour direct flight from London.

So there you have it, three warm holiday destinations in December that cater to different traveler preferences. From the picturesque landscapes of Hawaii to the cultural richness of Cape Town and Cancun’s pristine beaches, there is something for every traveler to enjoy! To book your trip to a warm December destination – get in touch, and we’ll get you on your way.