What is a Type Rated Crew?

Why Admiral Jet Insists on Type-Rated Crews for Your Private Jet Experience

At Admiral Jet, we know that when you choose private jet travel, you’re looking for more than just a quick and comfortable trip—you’re looking for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in safe and capable hands.  Here’s a closer look at what type ratings mean and why they’re essential for your travel experience.

What is a Type Rating?

Think of a type rating as a pilot’s specialised diploma for flying a particular model of aircraft. This isn’t just any training—it’s a deep dive into the intricate details of a specific type of jet. This specialised training ensures that pilots are not just familiar but expert in handling the unique features and performance characteristics of the aircraft they fly.

Why Type Ratings Matter to Us—and to You

1. Safety Above All

Safety is non-negotiable. Pilots flying any aircraft you charter with us have extensive training to earn their type ratings, mastering everything from emergency procedures to how to handle the jet in less-than-perfect weather. This means they’re well-prepared to ensure your safety from takeoff to landing.

2. Sticking to the Rules

Keeping in line with aviation regulations isn’t just about following the rules—it’s about ensuring every aspect of your flight meets or exceeds stringent standards. Regulatory bodies like the Civil Aviation Authority don’t just suggest type ratings; they mandate them for certain aircraft to ensure every pilot in command is up to the challenge.

3. Flying Efficiently

Our type-rated pilots do more than fly planes; they optimise every flight for efficiency. This savvy handling means smoother rides, better fuel economy, and smart, expert responses to any changes in weather or flight plan.

4. Your Comfort Matters

Ever wonder why your Admiral Jet flight feels smoother? Our pilots’ in-depth knowledge allows them to leverage the jet’s capabilities to enhance your comfort, minimising bumps and ensuring a serene flight environment.

5. Ready for Anything

Flexibility is key in private aviation. Our crews are prepared to adjust plans at a moment’s notice, all while maintaining the highest safety standards. Their extensive training means they’re ready and capable, no matter what comes their way.

How we ensure crews meet the Admiral Jet standard

Choosing a private jet service should always include a peek at the crew’s credentials. At Admiral Jet, we’re proud  and transparent about our pilots’ qualifications. Ensuring our crew holds the right type ratings is part of how we make each journey with us safe, efficient, and comfortable.


Choosing Admiral Jet means choosing a commitment to excellence and safety. Our insistence on type-rated pilots is just one of the ways we ensure your private jet experience is nothing short of exceptional. Next time you fly with us, rest easy knowing that your crew isn’t just trained—they’re tailor-trained for your specific jet, and that makes all the difference.